What Is Love For You?

What Is Love For You?

Every person thinks of love differently. There are thousands of views what love is, means, shows, etc.
Do people who have been in a relationship for a long time differ in how they experience or view love from people who have been in a relationship a short time? Do males and females experience love differently? Do relationships on the net differ from in-person relationships in terms of how people experience love?
All these and thousand other questions are being raised while you are reading this… Do you have an opinion on what love is to you???

It’s just a affection

For me love is everything…

love is big big secret…We know wthat is friendship,what is kisses,caresses,romantic…but we can’t tell,that it is love…No one knows what is love…

The older I grow, the more difficult it is to answer this question. I am starting to idolise love and think that I have never fully given myself to it.There are so many things in it. I often think an ordinary man is not able to love (maybe, only be loved but this also involves a lot of patience).

Love is the most beutiful thing in our life…When you love a person, you want to find keys of his heart…Šypsena

it’s hard to say it in words…

i believe that if you love someone,you want to be together,
wanna share things… you just need that person!

The love? Love is as illnes. There is only difference- you don’t want to get well.

meile tai tokia pat pasaka, kaip ir senelis saltis, snieguole, elfai, drakonai, angelai ir t.t.

i know there is no such thing as love, but i know there is something, that… <net lietuviskai nemoku paaiskint, ka jau cia angliskai priaiskinsiu…>

Have you ever heard a saying, which says that Love for a women is her life, and Love for a man is just a part of his life…???
I believe at some level it is so true… Men are so different from women…

Yes, men and women are like from two different planets… But they also can love deeply and sensitively… and sometimes their love is more stonger… love comes with sharing, giving, understanding and usually thinking of your partner first, not yourself…

Love? Love is respect, trust, pasion, devotion, understanding, etc.Širdis

[quote] olo rašė:
meile tai tokia pat pasaka, kaip ir senelis saltis, snieguole, elfai, drakonai, angelai ir t.t.


Olo, olo… Your answer to “what is love” explains a lot… Mirkt Actually, I am sad for you that you feel this way. Liūdna I hope you get to experience love and are open and giving to it when it appears to you. Gėlės

what is love ? love is … and nobody knows what is it.
i think it is the most beatiful thing in the world.

heh… aciu, iliuziju nenoriuCha chajau geriau pasitikejimas, aistra ir nuomoniu sutapimas. tada ir galima gyvent Cha cha

You can deny it, but some day… Širdis Širdis Širdis

Love is Love, and i love it. Cha cha

> But as everything in this world, my love also ended.

(when love end)