The summary of the year 2004

The summary of the year Žvaigždė 2004 Žvaigždė

It’s right time to summarize the year, isn’t it? Just a couple of days and we’ll be forced to change our calendars. Not only the real ones… but those psychological… in our minds as well… & again… new plans, ideas, hopes… high hopes… Has anything happened to you this year that would be worth mentioning? Just share…

Graduated. Got into PhD program. Got engaged. Laimingas

lucky you, congratulations…

thank you- it was a long year for me Laimingas

it was a long year for me as well… but in the other sense…

You know, there was nothing impresive in my year 2004… Nekaltas 't was the same as 2003 or 2002. But this year I was in Sweden only once, and I didn’t moved there, as it was planned Šypsena

i’ve finished klaipeda’s basketball school Nekaltas Nekaltas Nekaltas Nekaltas

Great! So what’s next for you? Zalgiris?

*bliamba*ed my life even more. Was that worth mentioning?

In what sense was it long? And since you are the one to create this topic, perhaps you can share things that happened to you this year? Laimingas

I am sure it was more interesting than that… Were you thinking of moving to Sweden? Why didn’t you move?

He will, but in the other sence Cha cha

it’s not worth mentioning Šypsena

moving does not solve anything…

Of course it was. Share the details, and main events that led to such a great achievement. It will be good for us to know what not to do next year Laimingas

It wasn’t excpected to solve something by moving there Nekaltas or maybe Nekaltas nooooo Šypsena

Don’t be so shy, please do LaimingasUnless, of course, you don’t want to…

Solved all mine Girtas

no Ne Ne Ne Ne rytas Cha cha Cha cha Cha cha Cha cha