\"So I\'m a man and he\'s a woman\"... My final work for college.

"So I’m a man and he’s a woman"… My final work for college.

If you have enough passion to finish it Cha cha
maybe you like it Mirkt here we go…

When we discuss about differences in men and women, we always imagine that a man is that person who always leaves his dirty cloths, especially socks, on the floor, who works hard to support his family, so when he comes back home, he has a right to watch TV all night long and the next morning to leave the living room cluttered by the bunch of empty beer cans. A woman is the one who complains but still cleans after him, who takes care of the house doing all necessary chores and who makes the dinner every night before her husband tired and hungry gets home. Even though such kind of men and women exist, these descriptions are mostly the stereotypes that do not reflect a real society.

Traditionally people image the kitchen as every woman’s kingdom where men are not invited. Therefore, my dad would spend as long as it took to make his cup of tea there and not a minute longer. Moreover, my mom would complain about my lack of interest in everything what involved food. According to her, I was far away from being a real woman because I didn’t know anything about frying, baking or doing anything that requested to make "my white hands dirty". And my future husband was going to die from hunger. However, very soon I discovered fortunally that a lot of men knew how to cook and even better than most of my ever-known women.

Nowadays there is also common knowledge that the greatest chefs are males and it doesn’t surprise me that after so many years playing the main role in the kitchen women yielded their place to men with a great relief. In addition, it must be taken into the account that learning how to make food was and still is an alternative for men and they choose it with a free will. Women never had such a choice because of the culture, traditions and division between the men’s and women’s positions in society.

There are a lot of changes in the childcare as well. In the modern families many men take advantage of staying home with kids instead of going to work. If many years ago it was a big shame for men, nowadays it becomes more and more popular especially when many men prefer working at home to the office or so-called "cubicle". Recently, I saw a commercial of out-coming movie "Daddy day care" where the protagonist with his male friend decided to open a daycare center where they themselves could take care of children. Even though, they might not succeed, the idea is already out there.

Another argument that caused a storm inside of me is unreasonable and superficial. How can women be naturally (naturally!) more suited and compentent in running households? They may have more experience in doing domestic chores as cleaning or cooking because they have been raised to take care of such things since their early childhoods but none of them was born an expert. After a while a man can become even better than a women. However, if all newspapers, magazines and other sources say that men are not able to take care of the housework, they’ll never try. Such ideas would discourage them without giving a chance. For example, long time ago it was believed women had to stay home and the men’s job was to bring the bread to the family. Nevertheless, nowadays there are a lot of women whose incomes are higher than their men’s.

One of the best examples that shows a contradiction between supposed-to-be-a-man and supposed-to-be-a-woman is my male roommate and me. He is the one who cooks for everyone and keeps everything in suprisingly super strict order. Moreover, he takes care of all bills; otherwise, they would not have been paid. In contrast, I don’t clean the apartment until I notice the visible evidence of dust, I do not remember where I leave my stuff and I never find anything in my messy room. Additionally, I have no idea about cooking and I will never have (Sorry, mom). According to the previous mentioned delusion that still rules our society, I must be a guy and my rommate must be a girl.

The arguments about differences in women and men will never vanish altogether from our debates. However, there are no such groups as "men" and "women" when we start discussing about such daily things as housework. We all are different in our own ways and we have diverse competence in any area despite of our gender. But we all are equal because everyone of us has the same opportunities.

kashkos feministinis nusivaziavimas i pievas. Imant konkretu pavizdi, save, bandoma ishvesti teorija apie visa zmonija Šypsena tai apsoliuti nesamone Šypsena

o man visai patikoŠypsena visai teisingai ir dabar kai kurie vyrai ir ju mazdaug puse uzdirba ir sugeba daug maziau nei moterisŠypsenaapskritai moteriai yra suteikta daug sunkesne prigimtis ir kadangi susidoroji su ta prigimtimi tai tokios problemos(bent jau kai kurios is ju)kurios vyrams sukelia soka moterims atrodo visai lengvai isprendziamos…sutinku kad yra ir tu ir tu kurie sugeba…taciau is tikruju nebutu teisinga sita parasyma skaityti uz nesamone nes taip is tikruju yraŠypsena

tu supranti, kad prieshtarawji ka tik perskaitytam textui? ten kaip tik sakoma, kad vyra vis dazhniau imsai daryti "moterishkus" darbus (tu sakai, kad jiems tie darbai sukelia shoka), o dawg moteru to nemoka (tu sakai, kad tai ju prigimtyje). Tu sakai, kad vyrai mazhiau sugeba, todel jiems lengviau? Kchem…Blogai

Mano nuomone, tikrai nera taip, kad BUTINAI moteru tos pareigos, o vyru tos. Prigimtis - labai lengvai keichiamas dalykas. O tokie stereotipai acirado, del to, kad moterys paprashchiausiai fizishkai silpnesnes ir turi geresni ishvystyta tvarkos, motinystes ir rupybos jausma. Nors shiais lajkais visi darosi vis lygesni (nors fizinis skirtumas dar ilgai ishlix)…

Sorry, kad neaglishkai, labai uzhsivedzhiaw, dar galvot kaip parashyt, buchiaw pamirshes… Cha cha

Tu irgi pats sau prieshtarauji Šypsena pradzioje sakai kad prigimtis labai lengvai keiciamas dalykais (shiaip drysciau su tuo nesutikti, bet gal kita kart ir kitoj temoj), po to pradedi teigti kad moterys turi labiau ishvystyta rupybos & tvarkos jausma Cha cha

niekas niekada man neirodys, kad moterys ir vyrai yra tokie patys. dabar labai madinga feminizmas bla bla bla lygios teises ir t.t. Šypsena tai yra apsoliuti nesamone Cha cha (tiesa tai nesusije tiesiogiai su valgio gaminimu, tai ishmokstamas dalykas)

dauguma tu, kurie teigia prieshingai pasiruoshe kishti pavyzdzius. kad ir pirminio straipsnio autore… va ash valgyt nemegstu gaminti… o mano draugas megsta. tai apsoliuciai nieko nesako Šypsena bet kokia taisykle gali tureti ishimciu. reikia ziureti bendra mase. statistishkai. manau nedaugelis drys prieshtarauti, kad paemus 10.000 atsitiktiniu vyru ir moteru ju ne tik pomegiai ir sugebejimai bus gana skirtingi bet ir pomegiai, plius vyraus tradicijos…

Beje, klausimas: jei tavo draugas verda, skalbia ir namus tvarko, tai kas tadu isuka sudeguse lempute ar keicia auto padangas ? tu ?

ai, vienzo manyciau cia tik eilnis pigaus efekto vaikymasis… tokiose darbuose reik parashyti kashka tokio… diskutuotino kad gautum gera ivertinima, o pats lengviausias budas… joti ant paprociu ar tradiciju arkliuko Cha cha

I think we’re supposed to speak English here but whatever you say. I didn’t expect that someone’s going to read this seriuosly, I thought it wasn’t the right place but… I got a surprise Mirkt
I was curiuos to read your answers. You know especially mires’whose opinion is really fascinating. however, mires, you didn’t get a point. You think I’m a feminist… Cha cha Cha cha Cha cha but I can’t see any feminism there.
If you didn’t like my examples, too bad. Although some of them are made up, others are from my own experience… but they are necessary in every argumentation/essay or any kind of writing.
from what I read, I can tell that everything what disagrees with your opinion is nonsense. That’s smart. Mirkt Any other argument?
Maybe that’s because you didn’t get a chance to see the main question, to which I was responding. It said that "even if in the modern families women and men share the housework equally, women do most of work because they are naturally more suited and competent for the all house chores of cleaning, childcare and cooking…" And so on. I don’t remember exactly, but that was a point.

If you want to know, as I said he’s one of my roommates. nobody cooks except him. but nobody even asks him to cook - everyone eats at work. Everyone cleans a house once a week. But I’m not mad about it as much as he is. I never met a guy like him before. Cha cha Cha cha Gosh, he is so neat!! Mirkt
We’ve never had problems with bulbs yet (thanks god Liežuvis) and I think he can take care of his car. Mirkt

If I get an A, it’ll be the best effect. Cha cha
I didn’t write that for the Banga.

you say, you don’t know. the easiest way is to copy from someone else or to say ‘it’s nonsense’.

If you prefer English, that’s ok Šypsena I can write English although that my vocabulary if quit short. Anyway, if I remember right (I’m too lazy to read it second time) in your essay you said that old stereotypes don’t fit today’s world. That man and woman are the same Šypsena IMHO it’s pure feminism. BTW I never said that anyone don’t agree with my point of view talks nonsense Šypsena I was trying to say that drawing long range conclusions from single examples aren’t the way to prove anything Šypsena it’s just speculations. Ok, let’s look at one example. Say, you have babe and need a nanny, quick. You have time to interview only 3 candidates, and can choose from 5 men and 5 women. You no nothing at this point about them except the sex. I’m pretty sure you’ll pick all 3 women. (And I believe the move about man’s daycare it’s a comedy). My point is, that for some jobs man are more suitable, for other woman and it’s not just a culture stereotypes it’s our nature.

May be it will be a little OT, but still:
Introduction ok, points - well made, but i didn’t like the conclusions, it was too abstract and there was no real obvious connection with the text Nekaltas
That’s itMirkt but everythingelse - okŠypsena

I never said that men and women are the same. But there is no difference what gender you have when we talk about housework. According to our society (according to you as well), there is women’s work and men’s work. But my whole idea was that maybe there is no such work as for men and for women. Why can’t men succeed in the so-called women’s areas? Did you call in nature? I call it nonsense. Cha cha I believe that everyone is able to do anything despite of his/her gender, age or disabilities. Of course, you can’t if you don’t try. And if everybody says it’s not possible, you won’t even try. Do you get my point?
About baby sitters. I wouldn’t pick 3 women without seeing them because they are women. Even though I’m a woman, it doesn’t mean that I’m a good nanny. Although you’re a man, it doesn’t mean you’re terrible with kids.
We prefer women to men because we believe in stereotypes. Especially those people who are conservative.

P.S. And yes. I said people are equal because we are equal in every opportunity (and I believe it). That’s from the Constitution (My bet. I stole it Mirkt

So, what’s the mark?Šypsena

I don’t think that my proposittions are warring… If housework is in women’s nature (prigimtyje), that doesn’t mean that women’s nature is irreversible. After many years it will change.

be patient Cha cha It’s gonna be next week. Anyway that was my last and biggest outside-class work. But I have my final coming.
I’m optimistic because I feel I did a good job. Maybe it contradicts between my and other people’s opinions but the vital point to get a good grade is to know what your teacher wants to hear. You know, you’ve to live and learn. And adapt ourselves to every situation.

and thanks everyone for your comments. Mirkt It wasn’t much but I enjoyed reading them. I needed to hear something negative so I could see my mistakes. As people say, there is no end for improvement. Cha cha

You’re welcome! Šypsena

"he’s a women…" Juokiasi why is that?Cha cha

"women’s" and "men’s" stereotypes.

read the first message! Šypsena

that was hilariuos Cha cha Cha cha Cha cha

I got a B Cha cha
I guess my final is gonna be a B as well… Mirkt
not so bad