same meaning - diferent word (amer-eng vs. brit-eng)

same meaning - diferent word (amer-eng vs. brit-eng)

Tyre - tire (padanga)

Colour - color

centre - center dinner - lunch supper - dinner toilet - bathroom (dressroom)

keip cia teip ? tai visi anglistai pavesy? as tik 9 klases baiges!!!

Gal aš ir ne anglistė, bet keletą žodelių žinau: English - American: favour - favor autumn - fall flavour - flavor There are a lot of this kind of words LiežuvisAre you interested in English?

What do you mean? Baisu

vaikis savo zinias ir baigtu klasiu skaiciu demonstruoja. reikia gi pasigirt.

vaikis Šypsena Šypsena Šypsena Taip Juokiasi

wat da f u c k i n EFC ? nobody speaks English, uh?

yes i am

I see that your english is not very impressive too Pavargęs

wat do you mean? Do you mean my English needs brushin'up??

Oh well, skip it...

Well,FelixTheCat!I love English!I wish you loved it the way I do,because it's great.Frankly saying I've been interested in English since 8th form...And guess where am I now?I'm studying English philology at VU from september Šypsena P.S.I'm sorry I couldn't have helped you with your question more...

nu yra visokiu iskrypusiu meiliu... meile mamai, meile tevynei, meile zveriukams... o cia dar pasirodo ir meile kalbai yra... nu ko tik tie zmones neprisigalvoja Nekaltas

English Phil.? wanna see your mistakes ? check it out: "...I couldn't have helped you..." should be - I cant help you"...I'm studying English philology at VU from september ..." - should be - I am going to study/I will study"...Frankly saying... " - might be - said, have said Šypsenaget back to secondary school to improove your weak ENG Šypsena you know what im sayin?

Well,well,well!You are ...!Having looked at your corrections I can say that it's difficult to you to understand the meaning of the words you are reading!!!I wrote yesterday:couldn't have helped because I had already helped you before my Second writing(look at previous messages)!About my studying:I can say this way because it's my personal arrangements!And 3rd...

wuo, du anglistai nedouchkos Juokiasi Geraidarosi smagu Cha cha

Yes,and 3rd Veeerankly saying means to tell the truth or to be frank,so it can't be changed(kaip iterpinys)... So I think you should be nicer to people and see more than something that is next to your nose! Šypsena