How do you seek spiritual enlightenment?

How do you seek spiritual enlightenment?

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I used to be ultra Catholic… then I read some books, such as “Conversations with God” and then a bunch of books by Deepak Chopra… and I decided that I truly believe in God more than ever, but believe in religion less and less. Drovus Gėlė

Do you believe in the same God as you believed in at the time you were Catholic? I’m very curious why your believe in religion became less and less, what part of religion made you change your believe?

Erwin, I don’t think that the effect of drugs is called ‘spiritual enlightment’ Cha chaWell, I seek it (Well, ‘spiritual enlightment’ is not a frase I would use, but meh) sometimes by training Iaido - a highly ornamental and complicated Japanese sword art. Listening to music fits there somewhere too, same as… well, there is this Chinese tea house in Vilnius, where Chinese tea is drunk with all the rituals and, if you want, ceremonies. (If you want, we could arrange a meeting and visit that place Šypsena) But mostly it’s Iaido (like I said before) and Aikido.

I view the bible now as diaries, not as “God’s word.” I still go to mass on Sundays, when possible, mostly because it makes my parents happy Mirkt - but also it’s the time once a week I force myself to think spiritually. I’ve always believed in a good God, one God, and don’t think it should matter if I’m Jewish, Muslim, or any other religion - one God for all of us. I think going to confession is good, because it is so hard admitting one’s faults (sins) out loud. I think that is what is good about confession. If God is up there, he knows what I did, whether I say it or not. It’s the verbalizing that builds my character. I’m dissilusioned with organized religions for one, that they push away other religions. Why is one better than the other? Money spent on fancy statues, etc. also is a shame, when there are so many poor in the parishes… And I have a lot of friends who are nuns and priests (the best priest in the world - Father Tony Saulaitis - is in Vilnius - in the Jesuit school. If you both have time - he is worth getting to know. Taip Gerai)… but that said, there are so many not deserving of any respect - by shunning others, or abusing their power. I think it’s important for families to pray together (families that pray together, stay together) GėlėWow, I’m late for work, and I just started writing my own novel here Girtas Cha cha Gėlė

True, I was mixing euphoric state with enlightenment. Some drugs can bring you chemically in the same euphoric state (release of endorphins in the brains) that you can achieve naturally by exercising (like runner’s high) or meditation or praying. Some people have described it as an “orgasmic” feeling Mirkt

Sounds nice! I saw somewhere pics of EFC tea club meeting, maybe next one in Chinese tea house?

Dont you have to meditate after yoga? I do some exercises, than my body relaxes and im prepares for deep thinking. Šypsena Unfortunatelly I dont do that every day. Drovus


Maybe we are talking about the same sequence? Mirkt

Oh dear God, did I really said that? Cha cha I guess I did.

Deep thinking? About what? Actually I’m practising TM (transcendental meditation), this is not about deep-thinking but about the opposite, clearing the mind from thoughts. Some say TM is a sect, <pre-emptive defense> for me it’s just a technique I like to practise Cha chaBy the way, can someone tell me the differences between a sect and a religion? Liežuvis

Spiritual enlightenment comes to me, I do not need to seek it LiežuvisIt just happens sometimes Angelas

Could you tell me more about this ‘transcendental meditation’ thing? I think I’m interested Cha cha. A sect is a small religious community or a sub-cult not recognised by the official religious community. (How did I come up with this and do I understand it myself? Don’t ask… Nekaltas)

How did you come up with this and do you understand it yourself? Liežuvis Joking, but this raises a new question, what is the official religious community? If you define this as the mainstream religions (Islam, Christianity, Jewry, Buddhism, …), what are then the sub-religions (Islam - Sunnite/Shiite; Christianity - Roman Catholic/Protestant)… Just wondering… MirktAbout TM, what you want to know? There is quite some info on the net about meditation, also about TM ( ). The only thing is this has to be teached by a teacher, and last year when I looked I didn’t found one in Lithuania Liūdnas

Well, I just wanted to know how it is done, because, you see, in martial arts, relaxation is imperative, so I’m looking for more attractive ways to do that Šypsena. I looked around the site and saw the ‘multitude of benefits’ from that meditation Nekaltas. Of course, I’m a bit sceptical at this time, but I’d want to see what is this about and then I could make a decision if I’ll be into it or not.

Simple, I just sit relaxed twice a day, close my eyes and start meditating for 15-20 minutes Cha cha How? - By using a mantra to travel to my inner self Cha chaWtf, I don’t know how this works exactly, I just know it relaxes me very deeply and I feel more energetic afterwards. I’ve heard many explanations for this, the effects are real, but I’m still waiting for an explanation that can satisfy me MirktI see myself as a sceptical individual, what surprised me is that I really like this meditation, I’m practising TM for four years now, and I miss it when I skip meditation for a couple of days Cha cha

smoke some weed Girtas

Better drink beer! IMHO, weed s.u.c.k.s.

Genious… pure genious… Why didn’t I think of that?.. NekaltasWhy do Martial Arts, all kinds of meditation, pick the way of the sword, or any of that bullsh*t, that supposedly ‘polishes’ your soul, etc. Why do all that, if you can simply smoke weed? Nekaltas