Any thoughts about Aquarium2? <img border=0 src="i/xsmiles/smile1.gif" alt="Šypsena">

Any thoughts about Aquarium2?

DarPo1 Gėlės, do you know something about it? Šypsena Internet allows to watch them 24h a day Šypsena
What do I think about all that stuff? Lack of originality is felt… borring… why so many people are fascinated by this show? …

Nevertheless, as I am going to Akropolis tonight, I will take a look at them ‘live’ Aš nekaltas

And how they looks? Cha cha
I think that all this show is a s*****t.It is borring and amoral and stupid show. Or maybe I don’t like those people Aš nekaltas
But I don’t like this show Ne

I’ve read about Aquarium, but have not seen it - not on TV nor on the PC. We have a similar show in the States - “Big Brother”. But I don’t think anybody had sex during the show, especially while filming and showing live to the audience. I didn’t watch the American version. I like some reality shows. We have one “Survivor”, where people are on an island, with no food, and how they’re getting by. The similar one in Lithuania had Kernagis hosting, although I didn’t see that one, either. Well, everybody has their own taste of what they like to watch.

But you very know aboutevents in lithuania.How?

You read lithuanian newspaper, o american?

I just realized we have totally destroyed Telenor’s topic and are not discussing this Aquarium (anymore).

aha, net labaiTaip

Pincuk - I’ll just blame you. The devil made me do it. Cha cha

Concerning this public sex: I think, that it was ordered with the purpose to attract more attention. There were no sex. Your opinion?

or maybe was.Anyway Jolita (THis name?) will be popular in men company Taip net labai

But she have lost her job. The question is: did she take or losse ?

I heard that Jolita lost her job, but why? Where was she working previously?

Win or lose ?
How you think? was sex, wasn’t sex, but public opinion will be good about her. If you will be a chief you will take this girl in your firm ?

she worked in TV. She directed a telecast for scildrens

Well, the price you pay for fame.

Andy Warhol, an American painter, once said that everybody wants (or will get? - don’t rememeber) their 15 minutes of fame. Jolita will get about 15 weeks worth.

you want to be so famouse ?

Never. It’s better to do good deeds unknown than to try to be center of attention.

In my opinion…

In any price? It is stupid. Cha cha