A new nick? That would be nice...

I am way to lasy to change my nickname,but indeed I did consider it

yes lassie, I understand why you would not want to change your name Juokiasip.s. for those that dont get the joke, look here: encarta.msn.com/dictionary_/lassie.html

I still don’t find anything humorous in calling me a scotish dame

what is it that you do find humorous?

well placed sarcasm and irony

ah, yes. Fine art that is. Although I thought it was ironic that you mispelled “lasy”.

ahh now I see the joke Nekaltas

Elusive, MoD and others, thanks for all those nicks, but I’d like my new nick to be… well, maybe associated with that martial… stuff I’m so crazy about, but also with a little irony, or simply humour.

ninja mole of evil doomerator

ok, here is some irony for you: DarPo2 MessiahOfLife/DeathOfMessiah cukriukui durininkas wakagava I will let others make fun of my name Cha cha. Also, I hope nobody is offended that I made fun of your nicks or that I didn’t make fun of them Mirkt

good one Gerai Juokiasialthough do you know what mole in Mexico is?

doesn’t that make it even more ironic? Besides i have a fitting picture to boot Nekaltas

share the picture Cha cha

So, Solarius, what does your current nick mean to you and why did you choose it?

Juokiasiuj mlia, ale vel anekdotas didelis Cha chadar geras nickas butu jerk ar tai nerd bo kaip tais pati tema ir nicko keitimo priezastys kelia tik tokias asociacijas, tu jau neisizeisk Cha cha

Na, jei tema nepatinka, tai aš kaiptais nieko negaliu padaryti, tamstai pačiam reikia saugoti savo intelektualinį tyrumą ir nelįsti ten, kur jis galėtų būti suteptas. O priežastyt labiau asmeniškos - čia aš parašiau tik pretekstą.

dievuliau tu mano, kokie mes jautrus…ok ok, einu Cha cha

JuokiasiMes nejautrūs. Tiesiog ramiai atrašiau ir viskas Nekaltas

zhiuriu cia xebra biskuti krypstat nuo temos. Nekaltas

yes, moderators, do something about it Cha cha