A new nick? That would be nice...

A new nick? That would be nice…

Hey, gang. I’m in a serious need of changing my nick (ElfInTheWind is out. That nick was lame), because… well, the nick ‘Solarius’ is getting stupid. Now even the new troley-busses have ‘Solaris’ written on their sides, and all those stupid discussions about where my nick came from everytime I meet someone… they bug me. Not to mention that noone can pronounce it properly. So, in short, I need a new nick. What do you propose? (I won’t accept marriage propositions, though Cha cha)

Bachelor than Cha cha

Em… no. The reason is obvious.

Your choice Mirkt . I would like it Cha cha . The most desirble bachelor. Myliu

Solarius, you are not serious, are you? how can someone be your godfather, without knowing behind what you want to hide?

Uh… I didn’t quite get what you meant. I asked for an advice concerning a new nick, not a new godfather.

you have to choose yourself i think, it wouldn’t be interesting if somebody told you a nick. choose yourself Alusactually i get bored of my nick too Pavargęsand already long ago…

I like my nightmarish nick Juokiasi

pinky Bučkis Kiaulė Juokiasior to add to liokajus’ - AvailableBachelor Myliu Myliu Juokiasi Juokiasi

Swordsman !!!

cutie pie Myliu Cha cha

Hmm… worth a thought. The ‘swordsman’, that is. Other two I take as jokes.

nameless unknown jin jan or my first nickname Forgotten or just shut the *bliamba* up and keep the old nickname, you twat Nekaltas


Siuralos Cha cha

Poor Solarius… How about Solaris? It’s a good operating system Liežuvisseriously… how about: Blade_Walker Flying_Blade Sword_Charmer (as in snake charmer Mirkt) Dull_Blade Crucked_Sword Swifter-than-the-bullet one-sword-man SteelDragon

or simply john

You didn’t mentioned what kind of nickname you would like to have,so I choosed them at my discretion.I’ve red that you are fond of swords, art of war & etc.so I thought you might whant a nickname which is connected to something of that kind.So here are my suggestions LaimingasSwordmaster Born 2 Be A Soldier Tin Soldier Lonely Soldier Fallen Soldier Last Soldier Soldier Of Fortune Soldier Of Time Soldier Of Darkness Warrior Of Light Warrior Of Destiny Deadnight Warrior Phantom Warrior Rebel Warrior Shadow Warrior Silent Warrior Sword Of Damocles Silver Dagger Seeker Of The Truth Shadow dweller Lost In The Shadows Flirting with suicide

yes, very creative. Is it available? If so, did you condider it for yourself?