Zaidimas \'\'Sacred\'\'

Zaidimas ‘‘Sacred’’

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Yra tox grajus, bet kazin ar isejasNekaltas

The enormous play world of "SACRED" is a world of the adventures and myths.

An Fantasy adventure of the special kind expects the player, because by the numerous spielerischen possibilities the role player does not only become, but also the act-ion-oriented lover of storygefuehrten plays at his expense to come.

For the very high combat portion 3 male and 3 female, partly extremely different characters are to the player at the disposal. Conservative role players will prefer the Magier or the Waldelfin, while lovers of well-known characters can decide for the Gladiator or tactical dark eleven. However rather the new and unusual one provokes, then the Seraphim, a descendant of mystischen combat angels, or the Vampir lady occasionally mutating to the Blutbestie offers itself.

So that the player makes friends himself as fast as possible with the play principle and the operation, the area functions around the starting village as Tutorial. If this area will however leave, the world can be almost explored by "SACRED ", without restriction, freely.

The interface is consciously aligned and permitted thus to fast operability the full attention to the play happening. It favours the fast change of equipment and use of the abilities, which facilitates the tactical employment of the most diverse weapons and charms extremely.

"SACRED" is not desert and empty, but filled with lives. Everywhere in the forests, moorlands, mountains, deserts, Katakomben, settlements and villages act helpful inhabitants, faithful "Hirelings" and animals, in addition, blutruenstige monsters, Untote, robber and thieves.

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