What sort of music do you like?

What sort of music do you like? Drovus

so what sort of music do you like?..DrovusAnd why?..Tūsas

80’s pop Pavargęs

Well it’s hard to tellTaip what sort but I’ll some singers and band that I like…:
Žvaigždė HIM
Žvaigždė Dido
Žvaigždė Reamonn
Žvaigždė Muse
Žvaigždė Alizee

I like hard music - metal, hard rock.

Pop and sometimes rock

of course, much depends on my mood, etc.

my favourite: brian adams, bsb, westife, ronan keating, celine dion, alizee but also sometimes rasmus, liquido, reamon, blink 182.

I almost forgot - fool’s garden- dreaming

o vat olo siulytu pamegti naudotis paieska.

Jei neklystu, ji dabar neveikia

kam tau dievas rankas ir akis dave?Cha chaCha chaCha cha

I like Peter Cetera, Jack Wagner Šypsena


When i feel tiredPavargęs i prefer to relax music (like enigma), but when i’m bouncyTūsas then i want to hear metallicaGerai, nirvana, guano apes and lots of more.

Enigma is good for relaxing. I’ve got a double CD called "Moon Thoughts". Very good for relaxing. Gerai


House, Techno, Trance, Deep House…because it makes me happyLaimingas

Rock Šypsena

i like miscellaneous musicCha cha but i like brian adams very muchTaip

i listen to very variuos styles…for example now i’m interested in jazzNekaltas it’s helps to relax…sometimesNekaltas

i like hip-hop, rap, techno, pop…Mirkt

hip-hop…cause…i’m lovin’ it Šypsenaparapapapam

i hate pop , hip-hop, rap, and folk Veee
i prefer punk, hardcore, maybe metal, gothic, reggae… Tūsas

Everything from classics to harsh and evil metal Cha cha