there's too many people here who think they know american-english!

there’s too many people here who think they know american-english!

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i’ve noticed that quite a few individuals here (in America) have decided that they’re quite proficient in the language and have fronted themselves as “translator/interpreters,” but, when you listen from the sidelines, it’s really amusing (or not, as in my case) to hear. just because someone went to school and learned to read and write a language, does not mean that the person can speak it! Cha cha

One time I had a personal interpreter to translate Lithuanian into English, it was perfect (and not just her smell). But as far as I know she had English knowledge from school/university, still this was good enough for me to understand the meeting - although it was in Lithuanian! True that speaking needs experiece, not just lessons, but can you give some examples of


I agree with topic’s author… While being in Lithuania, I thought I know English (not American) quite well… But now, when I am communicating with Americans and sometimes ones don’t understand me well, I start to think that few more years haved to pass while I learn American language and can feel more free Laimingasdamn, I don’t speak about accent at all… I always thought it is not so thick… but when my coleague at work told I have a thick accent I was worried… Nekaltas (of course, I noticed it myself) but it is good, there is a goal for me - LEAR TO SPEAK WITHOUT ACCENT. Laimingas

hmm… you judge how good the translation is based on translator’s smell??? I assume it was a woman, and not a man Mirkt

I came to the US without knowing a single word in English (well, I knew a few, like “yes, no, maybe” Mirkt. Everybody around me spoke English, no Lithuanians to talk to, so I had to learn English without “help” of people who knew it worse than I did.

Oh, rimuteraganeleGėlė Cha cha - I just have to laugh at your header! “There ARE too many people” (not there is Liežuvis Liežuvis) (And I’m only writing this because I know that your English is superb Žvaigždė - and you’re an old friend… Apkabinimas) Cha chaBut point well taken. When I joined the club (2+ years ago), I stated that my English is not that perfect - that I make mistakes, that my specialty is not English… I just happen to know the language Drovus. But that’s the beauty of the club, because it is NOT for people who speak it flawlessly… They mostly get bored. Nekaltas This is a learning tool, and every bit helps. One person asks for help, then 4 jump in trying to help. That is what the EFC family is all about. Apkabinimas LaimingasBut you’ve mentioned American - English… Nekaltas As I don’t know the proper English, I try to avoid correcting anymore, as the Queen’s English is surely different than what I know. Pavargęs Taurė

that was the point, DarPo1!!! sarcasm,my dear. and i’m not making fun of the people who are asking for help or of those who want to learn… i aimed this at people who have been in a country (any country, pick one) for a few years and then declare that they speak the language without an accent, they speak the language perfectly (the only people who speak/write a language perfectly are grammarians and linguists and even they make mistakes!), and they have forgotten how to speak Lithuanian. now, that last one really gets me! And i see you nodding your head, 'cause you know exactly what i’m talking about! or is that-- what i be talking about? hmmmm ? Cha cha Cha cha Girtas

Practice makes perfect… Drovus … If you don’t practice and make an effort to the best of (not just your abilities), but the “proper native tongue”'s requirements, than of course you’ll forget the mother language. First slowly, such as in “paparkinti”, but then altogehter - it just disappears. Angliskai ismoksim anytime Girtas Cha cha

Never make fun of someone who speaks broken English. It means they know another language

I’d say “just don’t make fun of anyone.” DrovusTeach; don’t laugh. Gėlė

Exactly Cha cha

once again, dear, read what i wrote. i’m not making fun of people who want to learn. i’m saying that people who think they know it all look stupid! Kietas Kietas

Cha cha Cha cha Cha cha Cha cha Cha cha Juokiasi Juokiasi Juokiasi Juokiasi Juokiasi Juokiasioh my!!! you go girl Mirkt Cha chai had a roommate who was from Venezuela, she is very distracted with her English. Once she was sick, and she went to work and told everybody she was “very constipated” when she meant congested…

LL - that is such a good one! Some phrases just don’t translate well JuokiasiOn a note similar to Elusive_Star’s, I have a friend (from LT) here in Milwaukee, who was visiting some American friends in Texas. She sent them a nice thank-you note thanking them for their HOSTILITY. BaisuToo bad she meant hospitality. Cha cha (She never heard from that family again. Cha cha). Taurė

Juokiasi that is so sad… I bet the letter went something like this: Dear Mr and Mrs Bubba, Thank you all for your hostility, I cannot wait to tell everybody about my new fiends in the state of Texas…