Links to personal English essays on line

Links to personal English essays on line

I have a suggestion: here we could put useful links for studying English at school and universities. I think there have to be people who put their essays and paragrafs or other stuff on the internet so they could write links to them here.
for example this is the link to my English files on line:
it may be useful for first year students in VU somehow. and i hope there will be more files with time.
Angelas Šypsena

Anima, u’re an Angelas Taip
u know, clever students usually make money from this! Mirkt Cha cha
i remember one girl last year offered me to buy her term paper Cha cha & the cost was 200 lt!! Baisu

i also have the same material (exept the termpaper) - our course was the same Cha cha

hopefully it stays the same and we finish it successfully Laimingas
i anyway don’t know first year students and you did not agree then so what is the reason for me to try to do as that girl did. i thinik it’s a bit stupid you know Šypsena
if you help people people will help you.

I don’t know Ne