kodel as atleidau savo sekretore (angliskai)

kodel as atleidau savo sekretore!!!Nekaltas (angliskai)

Why I fired my Secretary Pavargęs Two weeks ago it was my 45th birthday and I wasn’t feeling great when I arose in the morning. I went to breakfast knowing my wife would be pleasant and say: “happy birthday!” and probably have a present for me. As it turned out, she didn’t even say good morning, let alone any Happy birthday. I thought, well, that’s marriage for you, the children will remember. The children came in to breakfast and didn’t say a word. So, when I left for the office I was feeling pretty low and despondent. As I walked into my office, my secretary Janet said, “Good Morning Andrew, Happy Birthday”. I felt a little better that someone had remembered. I worked until noon, then Janet knocked on my door and said, “You know, it’s such a beautiful day outside, and it’s your birthday, let’s go to lunch: just you and me.” I said, “By George, that’s the greatest thing I’ve heard all day. Let’s go!” We went to lunch. We didn’t go where we normally go; instead we went out to a private little place. We had two martinis and enjoyed lunch tremendously. On the way back to the office, she said, “You know, it’s such a beautiful day. We don’t need to go back to the office, do we?” I said, “No, I guess not”. She said, “Let’s go to my apartment.” After arriving at her apartment, she said, “Boss, if you don’t mind, I think I’ll go into the bedroom and slip into something more comfortable.” “Sure!” I excitedly replied. She went into the bedroom and, in about six minutes, she came out carrying a huge birthday cake -followed by my wife, children and dozens of our friends, all singing Happy Birthday. And I just sat there… on the couch… naked. Cha cha Cha cha Cha cha

How nice… LaimingasI would, also, like to celebrate my birthday in such way …It is extremely good for you, because you have wanderfu family and friendly friends Cha cha Be happy, your life is wanderful Flirtas

Wa bus tau, tiketis per daug… ech taip ir zinojau, kad taip ir pasibaigs Mirkt

ne visiems sekasi! Nekaltas Pavargęs

ajajajaiii… vat ir gimtadienius svesti ir sekretores myleti Cha cha

o kam dabar gerai? Nekaltas

Cha cha Juokiasi


Juokiasi Juokiasioi ir nepasiseke gi Cha cha

Gerai Juokiasi


o vaikam tai dzin, jiems visas tortas liko !!! Pavargęs

vaje kox senas bajeris, bet visvien neblogas Juokiasi

xi xi… Šypsena

whahahaahahahahaahah Juokiasi Juokiasi Juokiasi Juokiasi Juokiasioj gerulis, oj gerai isdure Cha cha

o kaip vaikus itikinti, kad tortas is tikro ne jieks nupirktas buvo? Nekaltas Pavargęs

ir viel angliskai Pavargęs

i platu pasauli einam! KietasEuropa, Amerika… Pavargęs

gal jau issivertei? Nekaltas Cha cha