kas cia per dusles?

kas cia per dusles?

kazkaip cia viskas netikra Šypsena photozhopa, kaip ir ta aprilia…

V-twins with more success than in 2006. The K7 1000 will get a slight restyling to bring it back in line with the K6 GSX-R 600 and 750 whilst still keeping its image as the top dog in the range. One major point about the K7 will be a brand new exhaust system where we could see a mixed underseat/under belly version much in style with the firm’s big V4 MotoGP bike. To keep the increasingly tougher emission and sound regulations and in order to not have to lift the engine up in the chassis as much as on the K6 600 and 750 it is believed that this solution could be the way forward. Suzuki insiders are talking about a brand new engine and chassis to make these solutions possible. By Tor Sagen/CG by Robert O’Brien

jei dar is abieju pusiu dudos tai 3x brangiau bus tureti kiaura ismetima Cha cha

taigi siaip jau k7 1000 aisku senai, ir taip jis neatrodo Šypsena

o gaila Cha cha nes sito ir fara priekyje grazesne ir suslerkes demesio vertos