Is it hard to get into colleges in USA?

Is it hard to get into colleges in USA?

If the translation is verified by people whose job is to do so ("notarai&quotMirkt, then the original diploma is not needed.

can anybody also tell me about high school diploma transcripts.can I get it translated at any translation biuro with the verification of notary ,and do I need to present an original(cause my high school diploma is still at my present university).Šypsena

No you dont have to be a genius or play sports, and have a lot of money College is not that expensive, not like a university, if you dont have a green card, it will be more exspensive, about 2,000 dollars a semester, depends on how many clases you are going to take, but to get in to college in U.S. is not hard it all, thats all you need to have, is a proof that you can go to schools her and thats it, but some colleges dont even ask that, i know some college in Chicago, that they dont even ask for any papers it all, I am not sure whats the name of it, i just know for a fact that it exist.So you can go to college in us With ought being legally.
University is a much different storyŠypsena
I hope i helped you to answer your Question Šypsena

Getting into colleges requires money and brains.

Here are some websites that might help:

Thanks for your opinion.Of course you need money,but about geniusNe,I would doubt.So are there any people who actually did it?Pleaz share your experience.

When i was searching for information about studying abroad i figured out only only one thing: In order to study in the college you have to be good at sports/have a alot of money/be a genius at all the subjects. Mirkt

I am looking for people who could share their experience about getting into colleges.