This has a number of advantages that have made it one of the most popular programming languages used today. With OOP concepts, you can visit to solve your work issues and reuse your code in any other application or project and decrease your workload of rewriting a new code from scratch.

If smbd. is goin to visit Ireland,prepare for the worst,even with good english skills.Some ex.: five-they pronounce foivŠypsenainstead of thanx,they say cheers,&if they ask how r u?-ans.:not 2 badJuokiasi

Ye… Irish accent is very interesting! And funny Gerai

try reading something by robert burns for example Auld lang syne…
That IS funny
Cha cha

I agree with you…Cha cha
You know, I think the Shrek from that movie was an irish…Cha chaJuokiasi

Irish is total different language than English, ex. bye is Slon Mirkt
I dont understand a word. But they usually speak English, just few of them irish.

So who has some stories about irishmen and their ‘good’ english a?

Btw, once they asked me for biros (its a pen), i was holding three of them in my hand, and i said no i dont have it Juokiasi Juokiasi Juokiasi

They just looked strange…and walked away.

So BIROS (pronounced bairos) is a pen.

Cha cha Cha cha Cha cha

good one Gerai
you know, come to think about it, i agree with you! Cha chaCha chaCha cha