i need your opinion about my photos

i need your opinion about my photos

it’s garbage

ok ,that’s your’s opinios, and maybe you can describe the main problem why it’s garbage ? i added some to photosig, and i’ve got some quite good opinios about them. Are you a profesional photograph if you say it’s crap ? if so, so write some critics . is something about focus ? sharpness ? to much noise ? bad composition ? bad angle ? if you know anything about it, write a critique and i’ll respect you, if it’s not, please shut up and go back playing into your sandbox !

photosig links to some of my photos


The photographs were very nice, and of very good quality. However, this is English First, a place where the topics are focused on learning or improving each other’s English language skills. Sure, asking for opinions would force others to write, but it’s not this Club’s method to ask for complements. You know they’re good photographs. If you’re looking for professional critique, then perhaps you should ask another forum. Here, if you ask for complements (oh, sorry, you did write "opinions", didn’t you), you will get negative feedback. Sharing is great, but we’re not art critics. It’s like asking the IT club to comment on "how do you like the way I decorated the garden."

Sorry, no offense, but try to put it in perspective.

oh, sorry, but you misunderstood me Šypsena i wanted to improve my skill’s in photographer’s terminology, and thought, that there could be some people who could help me, but i hate, when they come and search to have a fling at smb. ok if you don’t like, you could write something like “oh, i didn’t like’d this because, i don’t like the colors” , but not like “you f*cking, *******, this is all garbage”
P.S. i deleted this forum thread, but it was left in my profile page and was answered, i know that you are moderator, so delete it…

No need to be so nasty Ne

nasty ? hmmz, dunno, i don’t think that, i’m nasty if you are talking about me…
P.S. someone deleted one my photo (part of some girls body), but it was only a picture that hangs in my dinner room, maybe you said that, this is nasty ?
now i’m lost in my mind

I’m guessing that another moderator or even those "higher up" in Banga may have deleted the photograph. Artistically, it was a good photo. Plus, you are a good photographer. You have a keen eye for framing items visually. However, perhaps it was a bit too racy for this forum.

As for negative comments, sorry, but I didn’t notice any. I would have deleted those comments, had I noticed any vulgarities. Yes, I’m one of the moderators, and try to keep the site free from flooders or those who use profanity, but people write in here more often than I can catch or read everything. I don’t want to delete this topic, as I think your links may be of interest to others. Perhaps you could have put all of your photographs in one topic under "news and info" and then had the discussion from there?

I’m sorry that I misunderstood your request for opinions. Are you a student? What kind of camera did you use? Where and when were all the photos taken?

thanks for the patience Mirkt
so i can answer your questions:
yes, i am 12 grade student, still have much to improve Šypsena
i’m using "Olympus camedia c-40 zoom" (digital) camera
ok, now about places where are these photos was taken from:

photo with snail was taken in italian mountains (but this could be done even in lithuania, because we have similar snails there).

photo with a rock was taken in croatia, i don’t remember the place exactly, but there were one underground cave around Šypsena

photo with lake and hotel was taken in germany, near the highest germany mountain (zugzpitchel or something, i don’t know germany language very well, but it’s high was about 2965 meters), by the lake ( and again i don’t remember the name, but first letter as i think was "E" ).

there is only a few of my photos i have a lot of them Šypsena

thanks for the attention to my topic, it’s nice to see some pleasant people here Šypsena

sincerely monkey

Labas Snail is very nice! Taip

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The highest mountain in Germany is, in fact, Zugspitze, by the towns Garmisch-Partenkirchen. The lake you’re referring to is called Eibsee.

Thanks for explaining all of the photos. Gerai However, please refrain from posting confrontational or racy photographs. Hope you understand. Thanks.

nde… zaviuosi zmonemis… vien todel, kad kazkas paprase issakyti savo nuomone apie jo foto, puolama ji izeidinet ir metyt idiotiskus komentarus… zmones zmones… jei jau norit igelt, ismokit bent jau padaryt tai veiksmingai… nes kol kas rodot neandartelieciu lygio samoji… nyyykuBlogai

Bender’s comment was deleted for not following club rules. No personal attacks.
Warning issued to all club members to be more respectful and civilized.

Yes it’s very nice…

cool Cha cha

ŠypsenaŠypsenaI think they are very niceGeraiGeraiGeraiGeraiŠypsena


kokie ratai Cha cha

uztat koks garsas…