I need your advice regarding which job to choose

I need your advice regarding which job to choose Nekaltas

Yes, that’s right at least I made my decission. I was very hard but some things ( including money Cha cha ) are important. One of advantages, that I have internet and can talk to you any time I want. It is my first day and I feel terrible Nežinau among unknown people and I need you at this moment.

I have a job I like very much. But I work on weekends and yestarday I find out that I will work on Christmas. As gyvenu siuo darbu. My salary is not clear. Every month it is smoller.
Few days ago I got a job propossition with hight salary., free weekends and hollydays. I am not sure if I like it. Tai labai suarde mano sielos ramybe. What should I choice? Will I be regred in a future if I stay in my present job . It is very hard to make this choice.
I appreciate any opinion on this.

ir ka man dabar daryt?Laimingas

as 4 me, i think that people should take the job they really like (Mirkt), but high salary+weekends is also very importantNekaltas you know, if i were you i think i would have to consult with my parents/friends/boyfriend Nekaltas
good luck Gėlė

You have to live like warrior (like this one http://www.banga.lt/admlt/2club.club_f_reviews/161.66414.187…-=(11997
) and choose the third choice - a job you like very much with high salary, free weekends and hollydays.

vk, the photo was cool !! TaipCha chaCha chaCha cha

tai aisku, kad pereiti i darba, kur daugiau moka. keistas klausimas ir dvejones, vienok Nekaltas

i’ll try to correct your mistakes, if you don’t mindŠypsena (and than somebody can correct mineCha cha)

liokajus rašė:
I have a job and I like very much. But I work on weekends and yesterday I found out that I will have to work on Christmas. That job is my lifeNekaltas. My salary is not clearly defined. Every month it is becoming smaller.
Few days ago I got a job proposal with a high salary, free weekends and holidays. I am not sure if I like it. It disturbed the peace of my soul very muchŠypsena What should I choose? Will I regret in a future if I stay in my present job? It is very hard to make this decision.
I will appreciate any opinion about this.

…i really don’t know how you should solve this problemNekaltas maybe you need to talk with your chief? ask him/her for better conditions and if he/she refuses, say, that you are going to leave the job… If you are important for the company, he/she will offer you something better, if not… take that proposal and start working in a new place… you will never know how it is before trying it yourselfŠypsena goodluck!

You have a job, which you like very much. But you work on weekends and your salary every month is becoming smaller. The main question is what prospects do you have in this job? Do you have any reason to think, that your salary and work conditions will become better in future? If yes – you can some time keep on your old job. If no – don’t waste your time.
It’s well that you like your present job. But you have to remember that you have other close people, which need your time. Therefore you need free weekends and holidays. And high salary is plus, too.
The situation in your present job is acceptable only temporarily. Šypsena

I agree with vk, if u see in close future improvement in your old job, then stay, if not take the new offer while it’s still valid.

I agree with you visom keturiom. pamatysi kaip tas darbas patiks, laisvi savaitgaliai, gera alga Girtas .Ir gyvenimas prasvis, o jei darbas nepatiks, galesi daugiau pinigu ant alaus isleisti Girtas Drovus kad ta skausma nuplauti Liežuvis Juokiasi

Thank you all for your opinion. It is more than week I think about it. I want to talk to someone. Now I can not imagine that I will have other job.
vk and Razor666- I can say what will happen in a future: I will have no holiday in summer. Now I am sure.
ice-te - I can not talk to my director, I know her answer: "You can leave if you want" She says it to everyone who trays to begin talk about work conditions.
Olo, Pincukas - the money is the last thing what I think about.
But I like my job. I was looking for it for years. I will never think about leaving it till I have new proposal.
But to work on Christmas… Žliumbia Pavargęs

Thank, you. I am always in hurry and have no dictionary.

liokajus, o vat geriau jau pinigus kilstelk aukstyn prioritetu lenteleje. ir gerokai aukstyn. bo viena diena oi kaip ju prireiks.
zodziu, jei tau patinka virsininke, dejusi ant pavaldiniu, jei tau patinka neturet laisvu dienu, ir jei tau patinka, kaip supratau, gauti grasius, jusu reikalas. tuomet kodel klausi patarimo, jei jau ir taip viskaq pati nusprendei? Cha cha

What these cats are doing? Apakęs

Gerai, kad taip labai mėgsti savo profesiją. O kokia ji, jei gali pasakyti? Gal tai normalu tavo profesijai, kad dirbi savaitgaliais, šventėmis ir vasaromis? Tuomet nėra ko šituo skųstis.
Tu turi naują pasiūlymą, jo pliusus jau išvardinai. O kas tave stabdo, kokie minusai verčia tave abejoti priimant tą pasiūlymą?
Šiaip jau nematau didelės tragedijos dirbti per Kaledas ir atostogauti ne vasarą.

They are two and they have only one good job proposal… Cha cha

liokajus - make a list of all the pluses Taip and minuses Ne and write everthing you can think of for each job. Then compare… Rate each item on the list with points, as that may help you see it clearly…

You’ll make the right decision… Gėlė

well you love your job but you need to live somehowNekaltas