God-Land of Infinity2

God-Land of Infinity2

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A ka žinau, vaikštai, klausinėji, ieškai ir t.t. Nekaltas

CRPG. Iš aprašymo susidariau nuomonę, kad ne Diablo klonas. Laukiam kol kas į taką mestels…

toks ir RPG jei Diablo klonas:/

Rašo: Kad, ne Diablo klonas.

natrix vitamino A trūkūmas. MirktFeatures: * Original and unique mixture of RPG and trade strategy * Tactical turn-based combat system with many possibilities and animated cameras. * Twisting epic story of unearthly affairs * Exiting and realistic out-door sceneries perceived from the 1st person perspective * High-advanced shader system providing realistic effects of natural ice, water, grass and other nature elements. * Animated environment with high-resolution photo-realistic textures Over two hundred1characters and monsters * Variety of useful items, weapons, armors, trading goods and artifacts * Original breath-taking soundtrack

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