Gal kas naudojat Microsoft SQL serveri?

Gal kas naudojat Microsoft SQL serveri?

mysql buvo tokia funkcija limitavimo, pvz:

"select * from lentele LIMIT 5,10;" - kurios pagalba galejo duomenis pateikti porcijomis, o kaip si problema isprendziama cia???

negi niekas nezino?

Bijau pameluot, bet gal su zodziu TOP?

cia pagooglines radau pvz:

The driver might not, but the database does. It doesn´t use the LIMIT
keyword, though.

You have to write something like:
SELECT TOP(10,20) …(normal query goes here)…

Can´t remember the exact syntax. Maybe the driver can be enhanced to
look for the first SELECT statement, rip it out of the query and
replace it with SELECT TOP(x,y)?

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