tai vis del to keliasi i anzhi Apakęs£300,000-a-week salary. Today, the reality reveals otherwise. Samuel Eto’o is an Anzhi player and Inter have received €35M in exchange for releasing their star striker. But the biggest news is not about the Cameroonian’s transfer fee. It’s about his annual salary and his idea behind his decision to join such a club! Samuel Eto’o’s 4-year-contract with the Russians will see him earning as much as €20M (£17.6 or roughly $28.5) each year. This mega-deal also means that the Cameroonian superstar striker will earn a record $485,000-a-week salary. So here’s the new job for Eto’o whose Champions League days are surely over.

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Samuel Eto’o quits Inter Milan to earn £345,000 a week AFTER tax at Anzhi pz pz Cha cha

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Good afternoon, I’m a footballplayer from Holland. I would like to play for your beautifull club. I’m a defender, about 1,90 tall. As I know Eto’o is going to earn about 20 million a year, I will settle for 1 million a year because Eto’o is 20 times better than me. In that way I earn a normal Anzhi salary. Thank you very much for your concerns and I hope to hear from you soon. Cha cha