Do you believe in magic

TūsasDo you believe in magicTūsas ???

Additional question Cha cha:
Have you ever seen a ghost? ApakęsApakęsApakęsPavargęs

Now it’s popular to go to fortune-teller… Have you ever been to?
What do you think about extrasenses (ekstrasensai)?
Do you believe in their power?
Maybe you can tell an interesting story…
Do you think that someone can foresee your future? Is it possible?
Say your opinion Mirkt

I’m working in such place where you are forced to anticipate future events.
And with experience it comes Šypsena

Bull ****s.

i don’t believe in magicNe but i agree that sometimes happens really strange events. well i can’t remember some really interesting events but… one cold summer night i was alone at home. i went to be quite early. i put my alarm clock near the bed but in the morning, then i woke up it was on the table!Apakęs

well i’m not a sleepwallkerNekaltasBaisu

maybe there is a poltergeist at my homeApakęsCha chaPavargęsBaisu

Juokiasi have a nice eveningŽvaigždėAngelas

actually i don’t believe…but… who knowsNekaltas

Juokiasi Gerai

Have you ever tried to read cards?

as for me, i was once told my future by cards but somehow it’s difficult to believe that those cards can tell future, so i don’t believe and i don’t wanna check if the predictions became true. but what is strange i can sometimes tell near future for myself, i mean what will happen to me in a couple of days. that’s a strange feeling but it is so. have you ever experienced it?

well… i can only predict what my boyfriend will say in few seconds, 'coz some his expressions & reactions became quite predictable! Cha cha

Anima_N1, could u predict the happennings of the september 27 for us (meaning, our company)? we could check it later, then Cha cha

my predictions are as follows:
-lot’s of beer or hot wine depending on our health
-some good friends and a good company
-good mood
-and some jokes about Stano
Cha cha Cha cha Cha cha
Tūsas Tūsas Tūsas

Cha cha Cha cha Cha cha Cha cha

  • exactly!! u know, i could predict the same!!! Liežuvis
    & a bit more… Mirkt Liežuvis Cha cha Cha cha Cha cha

it is called the sixth sense Mirkt Vyras don’t have it Juokiasi

i believe Taip visko gali buti siam pasaulyj Laimingas

have you ever been to fortune teller?

no Drovus
maybe Drovus

i just don’t know Drovus

as tikiu burtais, juk kazkaip tie magai padaro stebuklus TūsasŽvaigždė

it is very useful to have such feature of predicting events in the fight.
i noticed it when i used to practice karate Cha cha Cha cha Cha cha

u mean - u could predict if u lose or win the game?? Cha cha

I don’t need to go to any fortune teller… life in general is a kind of TūsasmagicTūsas

that’s why our president has a fortune teller Mirkt Juokiasi

No… I mean to predict movements of the partner some miliseconds in advance Cha cha