Can ONU work as a Router?

I bought some edfa device. I need them work with my wifi and other commiuncation device.But I don’t know how to use it. I solve my problem from this blog.But after read this blog, I got a new problem. Can ONU work as a Router?

Can ONU (Optical Network Unit) function as a router? While ONU primarily serves to convert optical signals into electrical signals for broadband internet access, its capabilities as a router depend on the specific model and configuration. However, you can always find more info that can provide insights into networking concepts including ONU functionalities for example you can start exploring this topic at LinkedIn. Exploring these resources can empower individuals to grasp intricate topics like networking and communicate their understanding proficiently.

OKAY, thank you for your answer very much

an ONU is an essential component in a PON system that facilitates high-speed internet connectivity. While an ONU provides connectivity by converting optical signals into electrical signals, it cannot fully replace a traditional router.

What is ONU function? An ONU’s primary function is not advanced routing, network management, or security. To optimize networking capabilities, it is recommended to pair an ONU with a separate router, allowing for a comprehensive and feature-rich networking solution.

Remember, by understanding the role of an ONU and its limitations, you can make informed decisions about your networking setup, ensuring a reliable and efficient internet connection for your needs.More info from Baudcom