Are you afraid of the final english exam?

Are you afraid of the final english exam?

Look at your text and try to find 3 mistakes Šypsena

so i see that you are good at english not as i Cha cha Cha cha (ef test 66) an i have ehzams this year but i will pass too. Cha cha Cha cha

I do not have very big problems with english (efc test - 81). so i’m not afraid. and also i will have to wait 2 more years for the final exams…

I don’t have problems with my english, so I don’t nead help… Anyway, thanx Mirkt

I hope that one day all Lithuanians will be able to speak English or other foreing language fluently!!! Cha cha

I am not afraid of the final examination. I think that i speak english fluently enough to pass it Mirkt

If you have any problems related to final english exam… don’t be shy and ask… i will try to help… i will do my best! Mirkt

As u wish… :stuck_out_tongue:

yes i am afraid because i have problem with word building and verb times…sux this two… Kanda

aha, man vat irgi pagalbos labai labai reikes, nes exai vat ant nosies, o kalbos nemoku visiskai…Cha chaCha chazodziu, gali pradet padedinetCha cha

niu ka gi… klauskit!!! bandysiu gelbeti!!!OK???

olo kadangi nemoka anglu tai jam daug pagalbos reikes pries anglu kalbos egza Šypsena)))

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