Would you like to be famous or a superstar?

I think I am also better at being behind the scenes… I do not like being the center of attention, not for long anyways and not in large groups. But if I had to choose, maybe for something I create… something nice and practical… or just nice… or just practical… Too bad they already invented TP Kietas

What’s TP?

Toilet Paper Mirkt Kietas

Nope. I don’t like to be famous, because all the eyes would be turned into my side… Cha cha

NekaltasMaby…in my career

That is true… and everybody would want to know every little detail about you, the more scandalous, the better.

“Maby”= Maybe MirktWhat is your career, or what would you like your career to be?

i want to be a rapper! Baisu

what are you willing to do in order to become one?



meh I already am a superstar adored and worshiped by all

then maybe you don’t want to be one?

why not?

What made you famous and why are you being worshiped? And who is “all”?

Yea’, those journalists with microphones… S*u*c*k*z.

Experienced that already? Mirkt Cha cha

I don’t NekaltasI kinda know how it feels when everybody knows you and you know very few of them Nekaltas

I guess your job makes you “famous” in a way, right? I also know that a lot of people know me, but I do not know them-- in school I used to be a tutor, so I had to make myself available to everybody Nekaltas. And now I am here all the time, so if someone is looking at me, I say hi, because I don’t want to be rude in case they know me from a class or lab or something else…

I would like it, but not because of fame or money… If I wanna do something great, then I must accept fame, or live in a basement… Angelas Cha cha