Would you like to be famous or a superstar?

Would you like to be famous or a superstar? Žvaigždė

look whats the chance of him living in my city, whats the chance of him acctualy doing it… there are a lot of BUT’s Cha cha

thats nothing!!! just trash them and thats it, you dont need to read them, you have your angents and secretaries who deal with all this shit… Mirkt

Does that mean you would handle any discomfort that arises with being famous only so that you could be famous?

no, i want to be famous so i will have shitloads of cash, then i am willing to bear with all the hassle and “discomfort” Mirkt

i used to dream of being famuos star earlier. Laimingas now my opinion has become a bit different.i suppose,it’s not the most important thing in the world even though it sounds like something kind of really tempting and unusual. Niam niam but it is not as perfect as it seems.there are lots of disadvantages… Nekaltas

i want to be a famous superstar Cha chatwo in one Cha cha

Yeah, me too, but just for a couple of days Liežuvis

Gerai i agree with you Laimingas

what would your path stardom be?

don’t you think it would be hard afterwords not being famous anymore? and what would you like to be famous for?

No, and I actualy hate all those trashy little pop-stars. Piktas

i would like to be such fu.cker like Peter North Juokiasi

not all stars are pop-stars.

No way. There are 3 worst carmas: To be rich, beautiful and famous. ŠypsenaAnd for other reasons. Like messed up life and spiritual disaster NežinauIm happy Girtas

Blah blah blah… Piktas

Wow, how profound.

It’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice Mirkt

Yeah, probably, would be some experience to be famous for some hero-thing, like saving the world or mankind Liežuvis But I think I will get bored/irritated soon if everybody thinks they know you and ask time from you…

Would you like to be famous? For what would you like to be famous and why? If you do not want to be famous, why not? Of course, many people are famous in Bite+, but how about the real world?

I would like to be famous for something that helped make the world a better place …an invention, a service, etc… But I would not mind even just helping someone else become famous. I’m better as a “behind-the-scenes” kind of person. Drovus How about you, Elusive Star? Gėlė