Why did you choose exactly this nickname?

Why did you choose exactly this nickname?

Please share if it isn’t a secret.

hi,for me YOMI just a nickname,but its real name of my friend from Africa

no secret, of courseMirkt a year ago or so i was laughing at my best friend’s funny looking hair after she got out of the bed and called her a little sparrowJuokiasi (zvirbliux Šypsena)in turn, she decided if she was a sparrow, then i’d become litlle crow, that is varniuxLaimingas besides, i was wearing a t-shirt with the picture of ‘varniai. bliuzo naktis’ where a crow was playing a guitar Tūsas that’s the story. i dont mind being called like thatNekaltas

Very interesting stories Gerai , especially about little crow Juokiasi
As for me, my nickname is related to my noninitiative temper. I always do things which other people order me. It is not very interesting story.
Since EFC members’ nicknames are very funny, Laimingas I hope to hear many various stories Myliu

I do not have any funny story Nustebęs

Never mind, Flirtas just tell us why did you choose this strange nickname of TELENOR.

first of all, it is not strange Šypsena
and why? frankly, I do not remember why… it was so long ago Gėlė

It is a pity Nežinau You are so mysterious. Angelas

c’mon! nothing is mysterious Šypsena

It’s my name in greek

my name is from animal Zebra Mirkt
hm…it is just nice name.

I choosed that nick, because it looks greate, I like it so it says my name and I don’t have to tell everyone what my name is…Mirkt

Why Helen… i don’t know just i like this name…Šypsena Why Happy? Because I’m happy!!!Laimingas

Slick_Rick = Sounds nice…he is an old school rapper…i like his music…also word Slick (if u know what i mean Mirkt )

I like this nick.It’s like summer Myliu Myliu

I wanted to register with my short name Donas, but someone took it before me,so I thought that these numbers 007 will be great, because at that moment I was watching film about "James Bond" Cha cha

I’m smiling cos i like smile Juokiasi Cha cha Žvaigždė

Sotera - is my 3 name… Flirtas

mine is a character from j.r.r. tolkin books.