Who is your favourite singer?

Who is your favourite singer?

Bryan Adams is super Taip Gerai

YOOO people!
i see almost nobody here feels the difference between ‘singer’ and ‘band’

ville valo and freddie mercury

pink,J.Lo.,no doubt,eminem,christina agulera,kylie minogue,madona,vengaboys,bomfunk’Mcs…

I like Eminem and Jenifer lopez!!Bučkis

enrique iglesija, 666 band, Broocklin Bounce, Prodigy, Dj Aligator…

I like a lot of singers, I cannot mark someone as the favorite…



My favourite singer is Madonna and Eminem,but I like very much singers.But those singers is special for me Laimingas Gėlė

My favourite singer is Enya… I like her songs and music very much…Taip

Oh!I like one her song,but I not remember song name Nežinau

Bryan ADAMS and a lot of over singers Taip

marilyn manson,cradle of filth,nightwish,therion…well,it`s quite dificult to say…there are many groups that are my favourites,but non of the singers.

I have got a huge list of my favourites, but there is one wh stands out…
2Pac Taip

btw boys and girls → http://www.banga.lt/admlt/2forum.showPosts/100184.81-=(1563097124

Telenor sorry I didn’t no about that Drovus

There many singers, I couldn’t separate one of them Ne

my favourite singer would be EMINEM, Robbie Williams. music grour - Red Hot Chili Peppers, Linkin Park…