Who is your favourite singer?

Who is your favourite singer?

please aswer Cha cha

My most favourite singer is Kid Rock now. Also I like Ricky Martin. My favourite female singer is Madonna. I like her changing style.

My favourite singer doesn’t sing in English Liūdna

Emmm… Basicly, i’m in to any kind of music, but rock defenetly would be my favorite… And a singer? Emmm… I’m just wondering if ‘singer’ you mean male or female, but i guess it doesn’t mmeeter… So… My favorite female singer is AVRIL LAVIGNE and favorite male singer is LENNY CRAVITZ(fŠirdis

Sometimes Ramsteinai, sometimes alsu, mumij trolij ,(but exatly not) sometimes Mango and …other.

baisiai jau daug vardinti. siaip tai jurij sevciuk is ddt vienas megiamiausiu.


Favorite singer, not band?

Hmmm… Well, my favorite Lithuanian singer is Mamontovas. Taip

Non-Lithuanian? I have no one favorite there, but several:
David Bowie, Peter Gabriel, Sting, Bryan Ferry, to name a few. Gerai

my favorite singer are B.S.Cha cha
i think you understand.Šypsena

Skunk anansie & Placebo… nice alternative… LiežuvisLiežuvisLiežuvis


Ksiu Gerai

soory i didn’t understood that this simbol means O: Cha cha

karolinux seems to have troubles with English, because she didn’t answer herself… just wrote a few words with dictionary Cha cha yeah… poor poor… (by the way, only 14-15 year old children write -ux at the end of their names)…(just a notice Mirkt) "please answer" … hmmm … how it would help her if we answer Cha cha Ok, mine favourite… I like many singers… there is no one… Mirkt

covaxe, o tu man parodyk nors viena cia, kurie neturi bedu su anglu kalba? na, isskyrus mokytoja, darpo1 ir crazygail (atrodo taip nicka parasiau, tikiuos nesupyks)Cha chaCha cha

Yeah, many of us have troubles with English… Mirkt But we try to write more than some persons Mirkt Besides, you forgot to mention me in the list of those who know English Cha cha

na jo, kas dar pakels suniui uodega, jei ne jis patsCha chaCha chaCha chanemaciau daug tavo zinuciu, tad nieko teigti negaliu. bet tebunie.

o uzuomina supratau. deja, viskas tikrai liks kaip buve. ne karta jau aiskinau kodel nekalbu angliskai, tad nebesikartosiuLiežuvisCha cha

I don’t need your explanations why you don’t write in English… Because read many of your items Mirkt But your English is really good, as I remember Mirkt Besides, I like compliments and sometimes can’t wait while anyone say me some Mirkt

nu ka jau cia… tiek jau to, namiok ponialCha chava jumiGėlėsGėlėsGėlėsvietoj komplimentu si karta. tiks?Cha cha