Who are your favourite sportsmen?

Who are your favourite sportsmen? Nekaltas Nekaltas Nekaltas

Who are your favourite sportsmen?

Nekaltas Nekaltas Nekaltas

Luis Madeira Figo from PortugalCha chaGerai

A. MacijauskasMyliu RonaldoMyliu and MontoyaMyliuBučkisBučkisBučkis

Michael Jordan, no doubt about it.

Rubens Barrichello. He is a driver from Ferrari teamTaip

Me too Laimingas

Sabonis off course


Michael Jordan…Taip

Ronaldo, Figo, Romario, Iverson, Avi Rokah, Nagenbauer… lots of…

bet kas, tik ne krepsininkai. nekenciu kases Ne

And I like him too Gerai Taip

Why you hate basketball?

Sisters Williams Gerai

Nekaltas no comments

…there are a lot of sportsmen who are favorite to me in all world…some pilots of formula one, some light atletics players [atsovu] Šypsena


It’s not my favourite F-1 driver, but I like him, tooGeraiMirkt

Sabonis, of course (for the national honour Laimingas), Barrichello (for his patience and not giving up) and the rest of the legendary Lithuanian basketball (and not only) players Žvaigždė.

Telenor, what’s wrong with basketball? It’s a great sport Taip.

Ramunas Shishkauskas Taip Lūpos
and Ralph ShumacherŠypsena