When do you really feel happy?

When do you really feel happy?

i feel happy quite often Laimingas to enumerate just few situations - when i meet my friends & we go somewhere to have some fun Tūsas!! when my studies go well without any painful attempts Liežuvis !! when i wake up & find out that NOTHING hurts this morning Cha cha ! when i feel very hungry & have a delicious dinner Niam niam !! when i Bučkis my boyfriend… Flirtas when i see a funny movie or read an interesting book Cha cha ! when i get/buy Dovana!! when i buy some nem clothes! Kietas when i hear compliments! Flirtas when i feel that my friends need me Šypsena! when i feel that sbd (parents or friends) care about me! Taip when i can help sbd Angelas… when i hear ‘i love you’… Laimingas Laimingas


by the way, something’s wrong with the spelling in most your sentences…

i feel happy then i know that somebody cares about me…
i feel happy then i know that others around me are happy tooLaimingas
and actually i feel happy then my bad mood goes away…

well, i’m happy then, when i’m in the mood… i try to smile all the time but my smile isn’t real every timeNekaltas

I’m happy when:

  • persons, I love, feel happy
  • everything is ok
  • my work is evaluated
  • I pass my exams succesfully
  • Lithuanian basketball players win the game Cha cha
  • I have everything I want
  • my dreams come true
    I can say many cases when I’m happy…
    Sometimes I’m happy because of the good weather Mirkt like today Cha cha Labas

better say when instead of then Mirkt

I feel happy when i sleep Cha cha because then there aren’t any problems Juokiasi

~ there is no better time than right now to be happy Taip
~ happiness is a journey, not a destination! Mirkt
~ work like you don’t need money, love like you’ve never been hurt, and, dance like no one’s watching! Taip Mirkt

arba lietuviskas variantas:

Gyvenimas tai swente, tai swesk i sweikata! Mirkt TaurėTaurė

yep, i agree with you absolutely
Laimingas Laimingas Laimingas
and the nicest thing is when the sun is shining and you are with your friends. and when the lectures are finished - a happy moment

(& u have a flue, but it doesn’t really matter… & your friend also has it… but it still doesn’t make much sensce…!) Mirkt Cha cha

I’m happy when I create.

i’m trying to be happy all the time, but sometimes when i’m alone i feel bad … but just sometimes Taip

i’m happy now Tūsas and i hope that tomorrow i will be happy too Laimingas

I always feel happy in early spring, when the sun comes out and shines so brightly all day after the cloudy and sunless winter. And everyone around looks like this: Laimingas Laimingas Laimingas

and love is in the airFlirtasŠirdis

…it can be in the air everytime u want it… Taip Cha cha Laimingas

love … Girtas i love everytime and i’m happy Laimingas

i dont think "im so hppy"or smt.Liežuvis i just feel it,happines is a feeling without thinking for me Šypsenai am happy when everytings going o.k.,when my close friens are happy,when someone surprises me,and when i am near people,which i MyliuCha cha

actually it’s always difficult to choose one of theseCha cha

I agree!!! The best way to fell happy JuokiasiJuokiasiJuokiasi

…but not in the case when u have nightmares!! Ne Baisu Baisu