What is the meaning of English <b> First </b> Club?

What is the meaning of English First Club?

Is word &quot;first&quot; in the name of club means that people who are visiting it are only beginners in English or it means that English is prefered foremost here?

Mhmmm…Aš nekaltas
Ask DarPo1 or Teacher Taip

My idea is maybe it means English First (the 1 club in BANGA that is in English only, or somethin’ like that)

Anywayz I have no idea, u should ask the club moderaots…Taip

I think that the word &quot;first&quot; in the name of club means that people who are visiting it are beginners (like me Cha cha Cha cha Cha cha ) in English (majority) and they want to improve theirs English.I think so…

lol…it is it first english club in lithuania. (forum club)

dar maziau negalejai parashyti? Cha cha

But here are many people who talk english very good (not me)! They’re not beginners, u know. Aš nekaltas

This question is bugging me 2 Šypsena But I think that First means beginners starting or smth Šypsena

Yes.There are some people who talk in english very dood, but they are teaching us and correcting our mistakes.Where you have seen lesson without teacher Cha cha ?

EFC started before I became a member… and months before I became one of the moderators. I know that Marciux and Teacher would know the answer to this. But, until they respond, I can only guess…

  1. There is an official international program called English First, and this may be taken from that program.

  2. In this club, we should all be writing English first. It’s a reminder to all of us.

  3. It’s definately not about that English should be first for all always. That’s not what Banga or EF is about.

As for me, I don’t need specific description. Ne Some of EFC members know English very well, some are only beginners (as me Taip ) I learn English, I meet foreigner here, I have fun at least. And I don’t care why this club is English first. For me it is my first communion in English. Maybe it is the reason, why it is named EFC.

o vat as pasakyciau, kad pagrindinis sio forumo tikslas: linksmintis. vat olo laaabai linksminasi skaitydamas kai kuria cia esancias zinutesCha chaCha chaCha cha

Net &quot;Linksmybiu klubo nerejkia! Cha chaCha chaCha cha

Hello to all of you who wonder what EF English First Club is for… Šypsena I will try to give you a little bit of history on what is English First. So get comfortable and read a little. Šypsena
EF English First was founded by Bertil Hult in Lund, Sweden, in 1965. Its goal was to bridge cultural gaps and break down barriers of language and geography by promoting educational travel, intercultural exchange and language learning. At the beginning the company was taking high-school age Swedish students to the South Coast of England to learn English. Nowadays, EF English First is in more than 45 countries. Today, EF English First is the world’s largest private educational organization.
One of the Schools of English First is in Vilnius as well. It is located at Kosciuskos 11. This school came up with the idea to create an English First Club in Banga where people like you, beginners and not, could practise their language. Whether it is at advanced, intermediate or beginners level Šypsena. All that doesn’t matter. What matters is that you all (hopefully Šypsena) like it here, that you are trying to do your best by using English while discussing topics in EFC. Thank you to you all! Šypsena

teez, tai jau tikraiTaipTaipjoks linksmybiu klubas neprilygs savo anekdotais EFCCha chaCha chaGerai

From q2 player eyes, EFC means: ‘Enemy flag carrier’ Cha cha

Cha chaCha chaCha chaCha chaCha chaCha chaCha chaCha cha TaipTaipTaipTaip I remember that…

Taip You are right Taip. Here its not place for beginners and for me too Ne bikoz I dont undestand undestud many things about people talk her Taip. This place is for english language professor only Liūdna. And go i do domu do house…Good luck Labas

Does the School of English First participate now in this club?Nekaltas

[quote]vk_ rašė:
Does the School of English First participate now in this club?Nekaltas

You may have to write Marciux or Teacher Laiškas privately. I don’t know the answer to that. Nekaltas