What is the best thing that happened to you today?

What is the best thing that happened to you today?

What is the best or the worst thing that happened to you today?GeraiBlogai

Today? But it’s only morning!!! Nothing had happened. Let’s talk about it in the evening Šypsena

going back home ,sweet home Šypsena

today Šypsena i got up and the first think was " it is a nice morning, get up! the world is waiting for yuo " Šypsena

Good morning to everybody Labas Labas Labas

As tai pagaliau siaip ne taip is po sestadienio atsipachmelinau… Aš nekaltas

good morning to you too, nemo.i hope you evening going be as nice as morning.

Today is a worst day becauseLiūdna In school we wrote a testLiūdna

Nothing good happened to me today… Sad, isn’t it? Liūdna

The best thing today is that I started smoking again… Gerai Kietas
The worst thing today is that the girl I like doesn’t get in touch with me so I started smoking again… Blogai Kietas

Hello to everybody Šypsena
to “bizeras” thank yuo the evening was good too Šypsena

and today is raining and it is good Šypsena we won’t have any smoke in town Labas

I got up in the morning and it was the best morning in this week, because in the afternoon I’l go to see my husband. I didn’t see him already 2 weeks. I miss him so much.
But the best thing, that my boss isn’t coming to the job today!Aš nekaltasAš nekaltas

today i suddenly saw that my colleagues are really handsome. and there are so plenty of them Aš nekaltas

How did you write it?Šypsena

My and my bf relationship are great again Gerai Graži Taip

Today i was very lucky!
now i have a new

Today there were lots of good things… good company when waking up in the morning, yummy breakfast, my kid said he loves me, I got a “hackwork” (or what word is used for “chaltura”? Cha cha )… Maybe the best thing was that “I love u” from my child… Šypsena

Horrible morning. Had to open school before 7 o’clock but “s***” happened and I didn’t. Everybody was waiting for me outside in the cold. Wonder how the police did not see a car flying through Vilnius.

Today is Friday- it is the best thing :stuck_out_tongue: could ever happen whithin a week. Am I wrong?

friday is my best day because in school i have do lessons today.