Welcome EFC\'s newest moderator - Telenor!

Welcome EFC’s newest moderator - Telenor!

EFC has a new moderator - our very own VIP - Telenor!

Goodbye, Marciux Labas, thanks for all your help. Welcome, Telenor!
Tūsas Gėlė Lūpos Bučkis Cha cha Dovana Alus Taurė Šypsena Cha cha

Strange things sometimes happen at the nights Apakęs
Congratulations Telenor Gėlė Taurė Lūpos I hope you will be not very strict Cha cha

Let’s welcome EFC’s most productive congratulationist - liokaje.

Congrats and welcomeMirktGėlė

Did I miss elections?Nekaltas

No, there were no elections. But it’s a terrific choice! Gerai Cha cha

Congratulations new moderator Labas You will have new chair Cha cha Congratulations old moderators Cha cha You will have new great moderator Gerai He deserved that Taip I’m sure he will always help for this club Taurė
Cheers Taurė

Terrific Mirkt I know whose choice it was Taip Mirkt

It was all club’s choice TaipGerai

It happened ~ 24 hours ago. I logged in and immediately noticed that something was wrong. I felt as if I was able to delete or edit all the posts Nekaltas At first I thought that it was some kind of technical mistake, however, later I noticed my nick on EFC info line. Yep. Nekaltas

I hope… but there was one influential activist Žvaigždė

Congratulations Telenor… CheersKavaLaimingas

Congratulations Telenor!LabasLaimingasAlusTaurėGėlėBučkis

exactly → Kava Taip

Woohoo! I knew that Telenor won’t last long only with VIP status! Juokiasi Now EFC will be much better club than before (and it already was a very great club)!!! Hurray for Telenor!!! Gerai

darpo1 MirktCha chaCha chaCha cha

telenor, nu tai tipo sveikijimai dideliausi ir arbatos puodas ta progaKavaCha chaCha chaCha cha

moderuok i sveikataLiežuvisCha cha

Congratulations! Šypsena

Thank you. I just like it. Is it something bad? ???
It seams that everybody are glad to congratulate Telenor as moderator. Am I wrong Tūsas

congratulations, i hope you will be good moderator. At least as good as the old moderators are LaimingasDovana

jei jau arbatos - tai tegul jau kibira is karto.
siaip galima ir i tavo sveikata moderuoti. kaip tau su sveikata?