\"buisiness\", \"buisness\" or \"business\"

“buisiness”, “buisness” or “business”

Sometimes we face a problem of American and British English detaisl. There are a lot of words are written in at least two ways. For example center and centre, laboratory and laboratry etc. What about business?

"buisiness", "buisness" or "business"?

I prefer "business", and didn’t know that it can such a "buisines", or "buisiness". It’s "business" because "busy" and i don’t know is there "buisy"…Maybe…Somewhere deep in the middle of New Zealand people write it like that…Aš nekaltas Somethin’ similar is "busyness"… Ask DarPo1! Cha cha

According to http://www.dictionary.com -

business - noun

The occupation, work, or trade in which a person is engaged: the wholesale food business.
A specific occupation or pursuit: the best designer in the business.
Commercial, industrial, or professional dealings: new systems now being used in business.
A commercial enterprise or establishment: bought his uncle’s business.
Volume or amount of commercial trade: Business had fallen off.
Commercial dealings; patronage: took her business to a trustworthy salesperson.

One’s rightful or proper concern or interest: “The business of America is business” (Calvin Coolidge).
Something involving one personally: It’s none of my business.
Serious work or endeavor: got right down to business.
An affair or matter: “We will proceed no further in this business” (Shakespeare).
An incidental action performed by an actor on the stage to fill a pause between lines or to provide interesting detail.
Informal. Verbal abuse; scolding: gave me the business for being late.
Obsolete. The condition of being busy.

[Middle English businesse, from bisi, busy. See busy.]

"A business of ferrets"


Here, in Lithuania we say: Monkey business or Russian business. U know, Russian = monkey! No racial attacks! Just joke! Cha cha

You’ll get us in trouble! I think I hear russians know coming!!! We’re doomed!!! ApakęsApakęsApakęs AAAAAGHHHHHH!!! Baisu

Monkey is not the worst animal to be! It would be worse if I’ll say that Russians are…are…Cockroaches!!! Cha chaCha chaCha cha No racial attacks again! Just another joke! Cha cha

labour or labor? metre or meter? I prefer the British way, because it is older.

About those jokes… hmmm… I shouldn’t really say anything, should I? Leave it for interpretation…

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