Ziaurokai taip A woman tragically killed her husband and herself while backing up her car in an underground parking garage in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province on June 18 as their 6-year-old daughter watched in horror from inside the car. Qianjiang Evening News reported 41-year-old driver surnamed Lin, who was issued a driver’s license in May, was practicing backing up her Lexus RX270 SUV into a parking space as her husband directed from behind, when she backed up too far and pinned him against the wall. According to the report, Lin stuck her head out the window upon hearing her husband’s scream, and accelerated in an attempt to move forward. She however forgot to change gears from reverse to drive, which not only killed him instantly but caused her head to get stuck between the car and a wall along the parking space. Rescue team arrived soon after but Lin died from her sustained injuries in a nearby hospital, said the report. The couple’s 6-year-old daughter saw the entire tragedy unfold from inside the car. A source surnamed Yang said that Lin had successfully parked in the space once before that day, but her husband asked her to do it again because she needed the practice.

nespykinu angliskai, bet menas pats paseyino, kad womene turi draivinti i garage reversu, pasipraktinti, tai ji pripushino ji prie wolo, o pacios heada ispraude prie karo saido ir isilginio wolo. hororiauru. Cha cha menas ir womene daiedino. siksiamete dougtere viska syjino Žliumbia

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woris ivaldes dujuspykluonduon kalbyte Gerai Cha cha Cha cha o siaip… nu neveltui gi sako, kad ir sautuvas pats isauna… bl, is fantastikos srities tiek aplinkybiu i viena susikloste…

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ubagss - ne kalbIte, o lengvidza. tuoj kieciau parasysiu Cha chaEine Frau hat tragadisch getotet ihre Mann und selbstgetotet, im eine Tiefgarage. Sechsjarige Tochter hat das von Innen gesehen Cha chaLin hat ihre Kopf raus gesteckt, weil hat gehort wie ihre Mann schreit. Sie hat Gas gegeben, weil wollte vorwarts fahren, aber hat vergessen eine Gang (Vorwarts) zu tauschen. So hat sie ihre Mann plotzlich getotet und selbst hat ihre Kopf zwischen eine Wand und Auto geklemmt. Pavargau Cha cha

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