Old people and education?

Old people and education?

Why it seems strange , when an old people want to study for example at the university? It is not popular in Lithuania, but I know , that in another countries it is normal.IT is for fear, or some another reasons have stop them?

I know, it is a special univercity for older peaple in Lithuania.

jis grizo. ka padarysi.

But if somebody have enough money and want to stady not in special university?

OTGirtasendalfas I am not interesting about your opinion about me.I have my life, you have your life.I am not intresting about you, here I want to speak with other people if it is interesting.BTW: if it is not interesting for you, I do not ask to aswer, but nobody give you commission to comdemn you contradictor.MirktIf you did not study cultural and ethical- its your problemCha cha

usually there are some age limits but if you are eager to pay - then, probably, all doors are open Cha cha

I know that the doors is open , but …the opinion? We are not grow until this opinion.It will seems streigeMirkt

ok, lets think it over Nekaltas hm…
give me at least 5 arguments why do they need education? Nekaltas