meeting with e-pal or ppl from chats

meeting with e-pal or ppl from chats

Have u ever met with your e-pal or chat partnerMoterysVyrai? Was all your daydreaming real or maybe he or she looked so that u wanted to turn back and run home at once?Apakęs

reality sometimes may be cruel…

how cruel was yours?

i am not speaking about myself…

I wanted to meet some people when I visited LT last month but no one was interestedLiūdnaLiūdnaLiūdnaLiūdna
Well maybe next time!!MirktMirktŠypsenaŠypsena

The best way is to get a group together, if possible. There’s usually at least one freak that makes everybody else uncomfortable.BaisuBaisu

it’s very dangeruos ! you can never imagine who, you ganna meet to.

internet reality is different from our real life.

i think, that even photos can’t help you Ne cos’ not always the person you see on photo is the real one.

I am eager to meet people or just the creatures from the other planet… anybody wants to meet me?

nde… siaip tai niekada nesitikekit nieko, ir neteks nusivilt. juo labiau, kad eini su zmogum siaip pabendraut, o ne i lova iskart. virtualybe ir realybe yra tokie skirtingi dalykai, kad tapatinti abieju ir tiketis, kad realiai zmogus is tiesu toks fainas ar bjaurus, butu mazu maziausiai kvailaAš nekaltas

to summarize this topic, i can say that all the ppl i met were really cute and became my wonderful friends. Now I’m looking forward for meeting one my e-pal.We communicate 2 years and it’s really exciting to see a person who became so close for you in another reality ŠypsenaMoreover when a big distance separate us both.

I had hoped to meet with people from another forum, before EF started. Unfortunately, my schedule didn’t work out, and I didn’t get to meet them. Then, when joe b. planned to go, I tried to get a group to meet him. But perhaps it was too soon then for the club. Now that we know each other better, I’m hoping we DO meet! Taip Cha cha

It is stupid to meet with unknown person and it’s really dangerous sometimes Aš nekaltas Cha cha

tau tik nikus ir knisinet… Blogai Cha cha Blogai

liux Šypsena Bučkis Apkabinimas

ydomiaj Laimingas


Tu Baisu ar Girtas kad su rubais i dusa eini Nekaltas Cha cha

mhm Cha cha su rubai duse… kox jausmas? Cha cha

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