International or Lithuanian schools?

International or Lithuanian schools?

I know that many of you have already finished school Mirkt, but if given the choice, would you rather go to a normal Lithuanian school and learn Lithuanian, the history, etc. or instead go to an international school, learn English, but lose out on knowing lots of stuff that is needed for universities in Lithuania?

Of course, private schools are usually expensive…

I was in British schools and college for about 3 years, and I love it…Taip

I had no choice those days and everything seemed to be OK. but it seems that situation changes slightly - now you have opportunity to choose and this already is a benefit. what concerns the quality? I am not sure… never been to international school…

They are really different from Lithuanian schools - I suppose better facilities, fewer students, more varied lessons. Also a good privilege is getting to know many people from around the world, it broadens your perspective a lot.

What about US schools then?

These are similar… but more propaganda in some…Liežuvis hehe. I prefer international schools than American.

Aren’t American International as well? Nekaltas

Yes, there are, but a lot of teachers are still American and the system is American. It’s not that bad really, but you do have to be carefull about what you say. Something that is not often observed in Lithuanian schools Liežuvis.

Darpo1 should speak out on this topic here Gėlė Taip (concerning those American schools)

Hi. Šypsena I am not sure what you meant by saying you do have to be careful about what you say concerning American schools. I had an opportunity to study in the States and I have totally different experience with it. I really liked it, and I felt that teachers their care for the student’s learning and education much more than teachers here, in Lithuania. Your thoughts and ideas are always welcomed and they matter. The professors are always there to help you out if you have some difficulties, etc. You are graded by what you know, not who you know ŠypsenaŠypsena
I liked it. I would go back instantly. Šypsena

Crazy Gail, Labas it’s true what you said Šypsena. But I also mean that in Lithuanian public schools, for example, you can say a lot of things (even disrespectful) and get away with it. While in international schools, it is so much easier to offend someone, even if you don’t mean it and it might be hard (at least in the beginning) to control what you say.

But, truly, the system is quite good.