i need advice

i need advice

En school.

Why, the only answer for me would be English School

hehe… i agree with bloodless. don’t thing the author of this topic needs any more advice on the matter Cha cha

I think fisrt you shuld cook yuor grendma too a some dinner.

I think,that you at first you should go to English school(e.g. for one year),ant after go to private teacher.Because it would be very difficult if you start just with private teacher and also very expensive.But it’s your choice,so I wish you good luck!

I dont know what choise would be better, or go to English school, or go to privat English lesons? What is ur opinion about such things?

I would prefer English school. Taip

it should be your choice Nekaltas if you want to learn english in a group (usually small one, about 6-8 persons) so you should choose english school. But if you want to work alone you should choose private lessons Nekaltas actually i think the effect will be the same, just you have to want to learn yourself. if you will not do your best nobody will help you Mirkt neither private teacher nor english school Nekaltas

i think better is English school Taip

English school in Lithuania or in England or other English-speaking country? There is nothing better for learning languages than spending some time in the country which language you are trying to learn. Private lessons are good, but learining in a group gives you better perspective of your progress. Here are few tips to learn English fast: Read a book in English Watch movies in English (no Lithuanian subtitles Mirkt) Listen to books on tapes (CDs) in English (did wonders for me)

It really depends on how good are you at English. If you are quite good and would only like to improve on some aspects of it – the school would be a better choice, in my opinion, though if you have a lot of problems with it, private lessons would be better, since if you’re in a group the teacher/s won’t have enough time to help you with all of your problems, while he private one on the other hand will.

in your place i would choose to study one to one

I suggest you attend english shool, because: 1. You will find new friends... Gerai2. You will have a possibility to discuss in group about whatever you want... Taip3. You will prove all skils: writing, speaking, listening...

if i were you, i would go to English School Laimingas Laimingasi think it is better Gerai

I personally prefer working in small group, because it is better for communicating. I atented to english school for 8 years and i do not regret.

I assume you were writing this in a hurry and without thinking, because I am sure that after 8 years of studying your English is perfect. Šypsena

if i were you i would choose an english school Taip

I'd rather choose english school Taip

All autumn i was going in evening english language courses in LCC in Klaipeda Nekaltas Nekaltas Nekaltas Nekaltas we used to work in a 10-12 people group and i think that i improved my english skills. it really helped me. Mirkt Mirkt Mirkt Mirkt