How many people did you fool ?

How many people did you fool ? Cha cha

na as ziurejau ALKONE Nekaltas

Ok from my dictionary…

To fool somebody: apgauti juokais

To make fool of somebody: Isjuokti asmeni; negraziai pasijuokti is zmogaus

whole 0 . Only i was fool and believed in that tricks

I think they celebrate April Fools

Really?Cha cha

is zodyno :

to make a fool of smb apkvailinti, padaryti kvailiu, apgauti ką

todel nebutinai reikejo taisyti


I didn’t foole anyone, but no one has fooled me…and i have got an excuse…people don’t celebrate 1st April in Uk…Ne

i did not fool anyone, but i will for sure… Mirkt

football and basketball in one Juokiasi

There are much more fools around than it should be, so I try to make people wise.

s irgi labai daug ka apgavau ! Cha cha

i have fooled my friends in UV Juokiasi

is this true or not ? Cha chaCha chaNekaltasCha chaCha cha

delfi…delfi… Juokiasi

interesting day Juokiasi

Did you see what is doing? She trys to catch us Cha cha Did you read avour some virus? Cool joke Juokiasi

I tried to make fool one person, but she’s strong. Don’t worry- I ganna get you Kanda

a crook joke of Baisu$9359_16015$z_94407

is this a eurobasket’s joke ? NekaltasCha chaNekaltas
take a look, delfi is trying to fool us Juokiasi

I made one people fool, but don’t worry it’s early… I will make more… LaimingasLaimingasLaimingas