How did u celebrate Holloween ???

How did u celebrate Holloween ???

Share with me !!! Cha cha I am at home at the moment !!! and holloween is nor waiting for me…Piktas so i am angry very, because my friend assigned me !!! Blogai What abaut u ???

ghm…as I said before,I think Helloween isn’t popular in Lithuania,and that’s Blogai And of course,as all of us ( may be not all,but still…Mirkt ) I didn’t celebrate Helloween,and it’s pity,because I think I could have Gerai party Cha cha


I was working Šypsena Funny?

helloween really is not popular in Lithuania Taip
Welcom Gliuke Cha cha Cha cha Cha cha

i never celebrate anything, not even my birthday, nor new year, it’s just another f*ucked up day…

i see a pesimistic mind in your word !!! is it true ???

seems that you are lonely or angry on everyone in this world. why?