Help me please!

Help me please!

In the summer I was working in Spain for a few months, I met there a girl from Lithuania. And she became my best friend… After Spain she came with me to Holland where I’m living. Now, after 2 months, she is going home… (next week). For sure I will miss her so much, I was every second with her. It’s even so sad, that I can’t be without her, I’m afraid to be alone now… without her. She is everything, Okay maybe you don’t understand, let me explain. The last few months I was 24 hour a day with her. my best friend is leaving… Afcorse I will meet her again, if it depends on me, but it’s different… Please help me, How can I try to live normal from next week and to not miss her so much…???
I’m afraid, I feel so bad. Thanks for answers

Bye, Ella

well, Ella, it seems to me, that u exaggerate a little bit… Nekaltas
well, i do understand that Real Friend really means much, but it’s a bit childish to think that u ‘can’t live without her’… Nekaltas of course u can! Taip u know, there are NO people that cannot be substituted… cruel enough, but true… Nekaltas & by the way, she is going to her home-country Šypsena u must be happy for her Mirkt even though she may deny it, but i’m sure that she is excited about coming back here! Mirkt & what’s more - u’ll be able to communicate with her in the internet Taip & u can also visit each other on various celebrations! Mirkt & last (but not least!) u can communicate with that handsome boy more…Flirtas
all in all, u can think over the situation & finally come to conclussion, that every minus has its pluses… Mirkt
& don’t be so sad Šypsena u know, nothing is constant, except change… Nekaltas

I don’t see the problem here… Ne

Thanks for your great answer…!!
Okay, I said that I can’t live without her… Afcorse I mean that I can, but I really don’t want!..
And afcorse I am really really happy for her that she is going to her home-country!!! But in the other way, I am so sad…
Okay I understand, we can talk on the internet… that’s the reason I registered here… but what is internet… it’s nothing at all…Žliumbia
And afcorse I will come to Lithuania in a few months… but do you realize that a few months is really much, when you lived so long time 24 hours a day with each other…! I used to her now…
Yes about that boy… it’s true, but I think I will not keep contact with him, I don’t know… but than for sure I want him, so better I will not see him at all…!
So great what you are writing… I see a few pluses, but not so much, maybe it will come later…!! I hope so…
And about that "exept change"… I know, but I can’t…
THANK you very much. It helped me a little bit.

i’m glad Mirkt
& remeber - true friendship never ends Mirkt

Thanks for reminds me! I hope you’re right…Nekaltas

Crazy Angel is right. believe me Angelas

oi, Anima, thanx for your support! Apkabinimas Cha cha