Happy new year!

Happy new year!

Happy new year all EFC members!

though i’m not yet a real member of ENC, but still HEAPY NEW YEAR for allŠypsena

Thanks, ZiebraZ! To you and to all EFC members, too - a truly peaceful, wonderful and happy New Year, too!
Taurė Širdis

Happy New Year … in 20 minutes!TaurėTaurė

Happy new year happy new year ! Cha chaTaurė

I sent my staff home early. When I got home, my Vyrai was waiting with Taurė so we could toast everybody in Lietuva! Cheers to all friends and relatives! Labas Taurė Širdis May all troubles be behind us, and only great days ahead! Cha cha

We’re next toasting our friends in Germany and Austria Taurė. After that hour, England. We plan on doing this to make sure we toast joe b. & surgeon on the East Coast… and at least until Hawaii celebrates New Year’s. Cha cha Taurė

Širdis Bučkis to ALL!

damn mine new years just after 1:30…but now i toating for Lietuva Mirkt

Happy new year! Hope you’ll have a blast! BaisuTaipGeraiCha cha

Last year convinced me Santa Claus is a woman…Graži I hate to be the one to defy sacred myth, but I believe he’s a she Moterys. Due to this thinking new year will be happy Dovana. Greetings from IT club Gėlės Labas

nu ka… nauji atejo, nieko neispeje, o mes ju ir nelaukeme visaiCha cha

Happy New Year, all EFC members, let’s hope this 2003 year will be even better than 2002…Taip

Šypsena Šypsena Šypsena HAPPY NEW YEAR Everyone Šypsena Šypsena Šypsena

All my best wishes for the New Year
Šypsena Šypsena Šypsena

happy new year all efc members! lets hope 2003 will not be as bad as 2002…

Happy New Year! Taurė New Year, New dreams, New plans. I wish you to fulfil all of them.

u get 10.000 of EFC club! Kietas

happy new year !!

i wsih you light crapulence ! Mirkt