Do u have your special adage?

Do u have your special adage?

Is there some adage, byword, proverb which u always repeating? Maybe u can’t not say “yikes” or something else. Share it with us…

Well, i always repeat words like ‘cool, ok, ciki’

Yea, that’re really popular. I used to say “blemba”, but now i’m trying to say “bembis” Cha cha

InterestingCha cha

I try not to use words more frequently than needed. Nekaltas (I hope soŠypsena)

No, I don’t. Sometimes it can be only “va-je-zau”

Ye, it was very popular few years ago Nekaltas

& still is. & not only in LT.


But it’s lithuanian, isn’t it?

I always say the word which starts with F*** u know what i mean…Nekaltas

this version is Lithuanian, however ppl over the world say ‘Jesus’ Nekaltas

Nekaltas ?

I say "vajezau" and "kurmi" Cha cha

I usually say "" "" "", "eik eik", "kibinimat" ir "kas per ******", kai mane nervuoja". Nothing personal.

Dr. Boo

though not frequently, but i use ‘blin’ or ‘****’ (usually when smth/smb irritates me or i don’t succeed in doing smth Šypsena)

Interesting dictionary Nekaltas

It seems to me that all the beauty of english language - all the swear words, the flexibility of word-making and mordant expressions are not tolerated in this club. Why? Native speakers do not avoid or shame those words - check any dictionary of contemporary english . Go boycott english and american movies if you have a problem with some words that are used there, but I accept english language as it is.
Ahh, useless, it’s like milking a goat…Nežinau

sure i have, but it’s in italian (i think) " La Vitta est bella !"