December birthdays in EFC!

December birthdays in EFC!

We have a lot of English Club members celbrating in December. Please join me in wishing them a very happy birthday!!! Tūsas Gėlė Dovana Taurė Alus Kava

01-Dec-1984 Audriukz Alus
02-Dec-1987 U_cannot_see_me Dovana
08-Dec-1978 Maruxz Alus
10-Dec-1985 luckychild Dovana
11-Dec-1985 4-|V-|)-|2-|-L|-$ Dovana
11-Dec-1985 deFacto Dovana
11-Dec-1989 CrAzY_KiTtY Gėlė
13-Dec-xxxx Daivoshka Gėlė
13-Dec-xxxx DarkSide Alus
14-Dec-1984 amigo__ Dovana
16-Dec-xxxx chane Gėlė
16-Dec-1966 StaHi Alus
16-Dec-1986 Saldainiu_feja Gėlė
19-Dec-1981 sportas2 Alus
20-Dec-1981 Bairisa Taurė
21-Dec-1960 fon_Rokas (ex: Okas) Alus
22-Dec-1984 DJelka Gėlė
24-Dec-1984 padebesu_mergaite Gėlė
25-Dec-1987 psichopate Gėlė
30-Dec-1977 Mr_Egis Alus
31-Dec-1984 Sultana Gėlė

Greetings from me to all of you guys Cha cha

Tūsas thx. Mirkt Cha cha Taurė… guess you’ll be the first to drink a toast to me this yearLiežuvis

Thanks very muchFlirtasBučkisJuokiasiTaurė

thanks! Bučkis

Thanks Mirkt


Don’t be in a hurry to thank and go away Baisu I just came Cha cha

This is a special greeting Dovana
Filled with joy and cheer Taurė
The greeting is for your birthday Tūsas
But we wish you the best all year Gėlė

Happy birthday LūposDovanaGėlė

c’est la super Šypsena Dankeschon Šypsena
Thank you so much Alus

I wish for everybody to live in happiness to drink only love and be Girtas with only pleasant consequences Šypsena

why not Liežuvis

If we wait a little bit then we could drink two toasts at once - one to me and one to you Cha cha

MMMmmMMmmm? Girtas

Happy Birthdays Dovana Taurė Bučkis Apkabinimas

happy birthday to you happy birthder to me Cha cha

thanks Mirkt
it’s very lovely hearing it from youLaimingas

what do you think about meeting? Whose birthhdy is on Dec…?

what do you think about meeting? Whose birthhdy is on Dec…?

hmz. nu pasveikinsiu. ir principo…

I just recently found out that DarkSide is celebrating his birthday along with Daivoshka tomorrow, on Saturday, December 13. Happy Birthday!!! Bučkis Apkabinimas Alus Bučkis Apkabinimas Alus Šypsena Šypsena Šypsena

Oh, thank you my good fellows!!! Alus to you! Cheeeeeeeeerzzzz! Cha cha

happy birthday to you
happy birthday to you
happy birthday dear members Kietas
happy birthday to YOU Dovana

mhmm… ner ko sveikintNekaltas