Dec 20 - Happy Birthday to DJelka!

Dec 20 - Happy Birthday to DJelka!

Sunday, December 22, is DJelka’s 18th birthday! Let’s all wish her Mirkt a very happy birthday!

EFC wishes you, Moterys DJelka, a great birthday! Gėlės Cha cha

Happy birthday, I wish u good luck and many Dovana

Yes, I wish her good celebration of her 18th birthday and a lot of beautiful presents…Šypsena

Happy 18th Birthday. let’s hope it will be a very special day for you…Gėlės

happy birthday ! Mirkt Gėlės Gėlės Gėlės

also have a nice holiday ! Mirkt

Happy birthday, I wish u to make wonderful birthday svente for yourself and for your friends! Taip
Don’t forget Cha cha

Happy Birthday. Gėlės Enjoy it. You are young and adult already. Labas

Thanks all of you very much ŠypsenaGražiTaipBučkisBučkisLabas