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Cat Katė I like catsCha cha~

If you had a chance to turn your self into animal.Which kind of animal it would be?Why?

Although I’m highly allergic to cats, I relate to them best. Taip Cats always walk up to me, rub against me, and not my Vyras Liežuvis Cha cha. I love dogs, but they are too obedient -very unlike me. Cha cha Other animals in the wild have to fend for themselves, and I just would not want to do that. I like the thought of being spoiled like cats. Girtas Cha cha

i don’t want to be an animal Liežuvis Cha cha

You already are a party animal Tūsas Girtas Cha chaBut the author asked if you HAD to be one… Nekaltas Kietas Kietas Cha cha

i know Liežuvisbut i can’t decide which one Cha cha

I do not know which one I would like to be, but I remembered how my little cousin said once that she would like to be a crow so she can poop on everybody else’s heads Cha cha Baisu

I think your cousin was following me around last summer Baisu Juokiasi

Rhino. Big strong animal. Kietas

Oh, my Baisu Apakęs Apakęs Apakęs

Golden eagle - big and impressive bird Gerai

i would want to be an elephant… because an elephant remembers everything, just like me! Juokiasi Juokiasi

Šypsena Laimingas Juokiasi

Wolf-beatiful and smart… Girtas

sheep Apkabinimas

If I were an animal… I would be a cat Niam niam They don’t need to worry about anything and they sleep…sleep…eat…sleep… Cha cha

sleep…and fart… Juokiasi

Maybe a cat… LaimingasWhy?Because cats have a lot of lives Cha cha

Word up? Šypsena