America\'s Fattest Cities

America’s Fattest Cities

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MILWAUKEE, WI—Rank: 21st Fattest

Two years ago, we conducted a poll in conjunction with this survey, asking people, among other things, what factor they thought most attributed to making residents of their city fat. Opinions varied, but from across North America and Europe and as far as Australia, the cause that stood out above all others was fast food. Except in Milwaukee, where they blamed beer. In fact, one of the few Milwaukee respondents to even mention anything other than beer had this to say: "Sausages, desserts, and beer, beer, beer!"

Alcohol consumption statewide is among the highest in our survey - more than 17 percent higher per person than Illinois, and more than half again as much as Oklahoma.

Milwaukee boasts the second-highest ratio of bars and taverns per capita, with one watering hole for every 1,600 people. Nors St. Louis turi daugiausia pagal gyventoju skaiciu. Milwaukee turi daugiausia pagal zemes plota.

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