All Saints Day

All Saints Day

1st of November. It’s cooming. It’s the most favourite day of the year for me. & the most sad one. I really like going to cemetery on this day, especialy on its evening. no no no don’t be scared, I’m not vampire or something. i just like seeing lots of small lights shining. Candles. It looks awesome, and I like it, do you? In the other hand, there’s so many friends which i will never ever see again. And that’s why i hate that day. i have to visit their cemetery, and that always makes me pore in life… Gėlė Gėlė Gėlė Gėlė Gėlė Gėlė Gėlė Gėlė Gėlė

lost of candles…it is beautiful, candle for me associates with quietness Angelas but on the 1rst of November candles remind about people who are not with us anymore Liūdnas so it’s sad… and what about going to visit their cemetery…i do it very rarely 'cause our cemetery is far away…but it doesn’t mean that i don’t remember those people who are somewhere beyond…

As jau kazkam sakiau, kad mano gimine nemirtinga, yra tik du kapai kuriuos reikia aplankyti. We do that often. It’s not so far away. But on 1st of November I visit only my friends whonot here any more. Just them. That’s the worst part of the day. When you know. They were, and now they’re gone…forever…More than year pased, but i will never ever get used to this.

nobody can get used to bereavement…it’s impossible…

I’ve always liked going to the cemetery… There’s something so peaceful and quiet about it… and it forces you to think about the people who are no longer with us… I know we think about those people other days, but on those days, it’s just more meaningful somehow… Gėlė

Very special day. I can’t say that I like it. It is very strange to say, that I like death. But I always wait for this day. I become… a litle bit more calm… more chaste. Flowers, candles, weak light in the dark, silent voices around. And close people that will never be with me Nežinau . I need this day once a year Taip

People, I don’t want to sound snide, but you have to get over it. This is the natural cycle of life and death. Every end brings a new beggining and this beggining eventually ends with yet another one. I think people in the Europe emphasize too much the tragedy of death. However, I too very much enjoy going to the cemetary that day. It’s so beautiful, especially at night. I remember my friends who have passed away, but do that not in a tearful manner. I don’t know, maybe I have simply a different view of life.

Solarius, kiekvienas skirtingai isgyvename netektis Nekaltas savaip tai priimame ir bandome su tuo susitaikyti…deja ne visiems tas pavyksta Nustebęs yra zmoniu kurie visa likusi gyvenima taip ir nesugeba susitaikyti su artimo praradimu… Pavargęsir nieko cia nepakeisi, juk nepaliepsi kitam pamirst skaudzia netekti,paguosdamas tuo, kad kadanors visi mes mirsim… taip, mirtis - naturalu, bet lygiai taip pat naturalus yra skausmas… by the way, not everyone cries with the tears, i think it’s possible to cry inside… Gėlė

It’s not only All Sou’s day but its Haloween too Tūsas

Nope as most holidays that force me out of the safety of my home into the burning sunlight “All souls day” as you call it I do not fancy at all. The look of the cemetery enfolded in the light of the candles brings my pessimistic mood even more down. Not that I am sad for the people who have died, *bliamba* no, everyone dies and there’s nothing to sob about, except that when people die to early, it’s really sad to see the year 1999-2003 for instance on a cold tombstone. Now the thing witch brings my mood down is that I am totally bored and I have nothing to do there around all those sad people with waxy hands. I visit cemeteries way to often anyway, so another visit is just another addition to my huge vault of Deja vu pictures of cemeteries in my noggin.

Quote from “The matrix still has you” the famous film “the matrix” parody: -You’re really talented at stating the obvious, Mr Smith

yko: all SAINTS day. SAINTS ne souls… Nekaltaso apie ‘helovyna’ apskritai sitoj temoj nesnekekit. kurkit nauja tam, ir cia neterskit ir nesikeikit siuo slyksciu amerikietisku zodziu. ramybes jums visu sventuju diena.

I don’t like this day Ne

And I don’t like too! we have to care about people who are still alive, not about those who are death…

& we should remember those who are dead Nekaltas

All Saints Day is November 1. All Souls Day is November 2. The Mexicans call it “Dia de los muertos” (Day of the Day). They actually celebrate the memory of those who have passed. Detailed explanations - worth reading - with photos:

Na stai ji ir atejo, laukta ar nelabai, bet sendiena yra visu sventuju. Linkiu visiem arba ramaus pasibuvimo su jau praingusiais draugais ir giminemis arba triuksmingo vakarelio su kaukem, kas jums labiau prie sirdies. Na, o as traukiu i miskeli, atsisesiu ir islenksiu buteliuka mastydamas ar verta sendien lyst is namu ar ne. Pailsekit sendiena, kolegos.

Tas tavo kaukiu balius buvo vakar, ir deja ne visiem jis toks svarbus, kaip cia issireiskiai. Liežuvis Šypsena

Ir sendie dar laksto holloweenininkai ir pavyzdziui gal man jis svarbus? Nekaltas

You should edit you post then MirktOk let’s not start the same which already been here. I am going to visit cemetery